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+ - Equinix gives Japan users free 10G upgrades!->

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fibrewire writes "Equinix, the high performance datacenter company that warehouses most financial and big market business, is offering free VLANs and switching fabric to anyone in need of bandwidth for recovery efforts in Japan. Also offering anyone with existing 1G service a free upgrade to a second port or 10G for 12 months while the world gets back on its feet.


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Comment: Forget Moore - what about Wirth's law? (Score 2, Informative) 460

by fibrewire (#31303960) Attached to: Will the Serial Console Ever Die?

"Software is getting slower more rapidly than hardware becomes faster." -Wirth

Lets see - I'm building a UAV using RS-422 for fly-by-wire operation using a RTOS and embedded hardware. Do I want TCP/IP or USB buffers involved on servos that control its ability to stay in the air? I can only imagine getting a lecture from an engineer at Raytheon about keeping things simple.

I wonder if someone will make a joke about selling Toyota Motor Corp a USB accelerator control...

Comment: History Repeats Itself (Score 2, Interesting) 658

by fibrewire (#31107930) Attached to: Windows Patch Leaves Many XP Users With Blue Screens

NT -
2000 -
Now the same with Windows XP? Come on now, who are they fooling?
Reminds me of that stupid stride commercial -
For those of you who feel left out with a working computer -

Comment: My Google searches (Score 0, Offtopic) 315

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Comment: Why Icecream has no bones (Score -1, Offtopic) 170

by fibrewire (#31025416) Attached to: House Overwhelmingly Passes Cybersecurity Bill

The Federal Food Safety Act of 1921 prohibited bone-in ice cream and all ice cream and ice cream novelties had to be sold boneless after that.

There was an interesting turn of events that led to the Federal Food Safety Act of 1921. Evidently Grover Cleveland , who was the US President at that time, had a daughter named Ruth.

Ruth was very fond of ice cream, which back then was a rarity because electric refrigeration was not yet largely available to the public. They had to haul ice from the frozen lakes on mountains down to where the homes where at, in order to make ice cream. But I'm getting off onto another subject.

Anyway - the ice cream they made back then naturally had bones in it - how else would you make ice cream? Normally this was not an issue - every child back then knew how to hold a drumstick ice cream cone at the bottom and lick around the bone so that they would not accidentally choke on it. Although it was possible to make ice cream with out bones - it was very expensive to do it because only the Chinese craftsmen, who invented ice cream, were clever enough to debone and ice cream drumstick and not make a mess of it.

So anyway - Ruth was eating an ice cream cone at the exact instant her father was elected president of the United States. So shocked was she, that she accidentally swallowed the bone from the ice cream and began to choke.

Luckily, Henry Heimlich Sr. (Father of Henry Heimlich Jr, inventor of the Heimlich maneuver) was nearby and was able to expel the bone from the windpipe of young Ms Cleveland and save her from certain death.

Well - this was a great thing that Henry Heimlich had done, saving the daughter of the President of the United States. However, Grover Cleveland was away for his inauguration while this happened and wasn't aware of it for several months afterward - when his daughter retold the story of how she almost died from an ice cream bone. Grover was pretty busy at the time and really didn't pay much attention to this until around the time of Ruth's next birthday.

Taking time away from the war, Grover Cleveland asked his daughter what she wanted for her birthday. Giving it some thought, young Ruth finally said "Daddy, I want an sweet snack that I can eat that won't cause me to choke again." It was then when President Cleveland remembered the incident she told him of many months earlier.

He asked Ruth - "What kind of ice cream were you eating when you almost died?" She told her dad she was eating a chocolate covered ice cream cone with nuts and caramel in it.

Ruth's father thought about this and called his old friend James Curtis who owned the Curtis Candy Company in Chicago to see what could be done on Ruth's request.

James told Grover that he would get back to him after trying out a few things, and they hung up the phone which only recently had been invented.

While James Curtis was working on a treat in which Ruth would not possibly choke on - President Cleveland was bothered by the fact that if his adorable daughter almost died from eating ice cream with the bone still in - that there must be other children suffering the same fate.

So - President Cleveland called up congress and told them he wanted them to pass a bill to outlaw bones in ice cream in an effort to save the children of the United States the dangers of choking on ice cream bones.

Congress said "say what..??" But they decided there was something they could do and they hung up their phone. Congress and the president and the Curtis Candy Company had phones back then -but not many other people.

So about that time - James Curtis called the President with the news that he had come up with a candy bar, with chocolate and nuts and caramel with NO BONES in it what so ever! And his daughter could eat them and not be afraid of choking on the bones because it had no bones.!

President Cleveland told James Curtis to bring his newly invented confection to the White House and to come as quickly as possible because his daughter's birthday was next Thursday. James knew this was urgent so he flew by Jet, which actually had not been invented yet, but the secret underground government had been working on it for some time.

So - anyway - James Curtis shows up at the White House with a box of his new candy bars at the same time Congress showed up at the back door, having stopped by for a beer after work. Grover invited James and Congress to the oval office for a drink and James showed him the candy bar and said "Here. President Cleveland - have your dear baby Ruth try this new candy bar."

Now Ruth, who was eavesdropping from the Green Room as this meeting was going on - heard her name and waltzed in like nothing was going on - and gave her the candy bar and said "here, try this and try not to choke on it this time."

Well - the candy bar was very delicious and Ruth really loved it and did not choke at all! She was so overjoyed by this she gave her father a

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