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Comment Barracuda Backup, too! (Score 1) 112

You can't change the keys, so if you want to use SSHFS to backup systems that aren't agent supported, you've potentially given root access to anyone who's extracted the private key from the appliance (and leaked it to the internet). I wouldn't be surprised if the agents used the same craptastic cryptographic fail.

Comment Re:Putting the Voltec system into other vehicles.. (Score 1) 229

This. I own a Volt and an Equinox. I'd be at the dealer at the first possible moment that I could order a Voltec powered Equinox.

I've been seeing more glimpses of upcoming Volt marketing. I'm hoping the marketing team will push it exclusively as the Gen 2 release gets closer.

If I were GM's CEO, I'd make Voltec standard for all of their vehicles, cutting the pure ICE garbage right out of the market. Electric only as an option for every vehicle. The marketing team would have to do their jobs to pull it off, but when the people learn they can get near-Vette performance out of a Sonic...

Comment Re:Stagnant electric car sales (Score 1) 157

Other than the rear deck height being higher than the front, I don't notice many drastic styling differences from a Cruze, Malibu or Impala. The height difference is the consequence of the Volt technically being a hatchback, so it doesn't really bother me. If you were talking about the styling of a Leaf or iMiEV, I'd be inclined to agree, which is one of the reasons why I don't own either of them.

Comment Re:Netflix should know better (Score 2) 289

Agreed, every time I look at any various looking glass to see why something is broken on the internet, it's Cogent dropping the ball... Remember this?

Every time I have to troubleshoot a broken internet problem, and it goes up to Tier 1 land, check the looking glass... It's Cogent being stupid. As soon as this story hit... check. Sure enough, Cogent-Level3 has ~3% packet loss the last 24 hours, with stupidly high latency. Screenshot .

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 1063

Obama had not been re-elected yet when the CO incident happened. There was no way that he'd have been re-elected if his current shenanigans, with Biden as the fall guy, happened before election day. The CT incident was the spark that allowed Obama's initiatives, that would have spelled disaster for his re-election, to be brought to the public with a giant media push.

Think of the children!

(Sarcastic tin-foil hat conspiracy theory) Someone crafted the incident to force the liberal agenda that they've had to wait for since the sunset of the retarded Clinton Gun Ban (end crazy but plausible in the current political theater theory).

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