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Comment: Re:Before we use the 'police state' meme again... (Score 1) 420

by fforw (#28363137) Attached to: A Black Day For Internet Freedom In Germany
I don't get the american obsession with the size of the government. The problem is not how big or powerful the government is, but what it is allowed to do. It's not hard to see something is going wrong when your state starts killing millions of people in death camps. The question is at what point do things start go wrong. The german answer to this would be that the state has to be a constitutional state, a state of laws that are applied to everyone, especially including the government. Fundamental rights which apply to all people without exception. This is something the USA seem to have lost lately. "Terrorists" or "enemy combatants" have no rights, guantanamo and other places are outside the law. The president can basically do whatever he wants. This all seems a lot more troubling to me than the question of how big the government is.

Comment: realism? (Score 0, Troll) 295

by fforw (#27978013) Attached to: When Does It Become OK To Make Games About a War?
It seems to me that such a game would be about just as realistic as the cleaned up war the Americans see on TV. No suffering, no civilian victims -- especially no children, no fucked up psychopaths using the rule free area of a war to do what they always wanted to do, no torture, no life-long suffering from handicaps, no PTSD, no being sent in again and again and again until you finally blow your own head off. Instead it will be full of cynical utilitarian rhetoric and patriotic sugar coating. A fun game for the whole family. Maybe it will even have some religious motives baked into it -- because Jesus loves the war!

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