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Comment: Egypt is a great model (Score 1) 308

by ffoiii (#40418767) Attached to: Bryson Crash Reveals Threat of Headless Government
Did you see how the western world cheered when the Egyptian generals took control of the country, when their despot was dethroned. Except, hold on, now they have altered the constitution to ensure their continued power regardless of elected officials. I believe that is called a military coup... You are fucking retarded if you don't think the same thing is being implemented in the US.

Comment: Re:Culmination of a dream (Score 5, Insightful) 372

by ffoiii (#39581811) Attached to: The Supreme Court To Rule On Monsanto Seed Patents
The problem is not that "the people" allow them to get away with it, but that nine particularly selected individuals will make this decision based on a long history of weighing some rights over other rights, with a recent disposition (over the last hundred years or so), of devaluing individual rights over the rights of corporations. And the 535 other individuals that could overrule this decision will not and do not because their jobs depend on the people who benefit from these decisions.

Comment: One of my favorite books (Score 2, Informative) 291

by ffoiii (#32847360) Attached to: Good Database Design Books?
The Data Modeling Handbook : It is not new, but relational theory hasn't changed much in the last 20 years either. I have been designing, developing, implementing and fixing relational databases and data warehouses for the last 15 years. The book above was one of the most useful things I read early on in my career. In my opinion, data integrity is one of the most valuable functions that a database can provide, and a high quality data model is the most important first step in ensuring that. Understanding tuples, understanding relationships and understanding how to translate your business model and business requirements into a functional and correct data model is a very valuable process. Skipping this step, or attempting it with a limited understanding of the theory behind it is a major mistake.

Comment: Re:I like my tax heaven (Score 1) 507

by ffoiii (#30569966) Attached to: NY Times, LA Times Want Amazon To Collect More State Taxes
Delaware is home to many, many, US corporations, because of their favorable corporate law. Because of this, many US companies choose to be Delaware based companies, and this creates a large tax base independent of the population of Delaware. It has nothing to do with "bipartisan centrist leadership".

Comment: Re:How About Typing Comics Fans as Sex Offenders? (Score 1) 387

by ffoiii (#28127513) Attached to: How Comic Fans & Shops Are Stereotyped
The only people who are really for horror movies are people who like to kill other people. Possibly some free speech advocates as well, but really - odds are that if someone has a collection of violent images (drawn or not) then they're a murderer or a potential murderer Now do you see how ridiculous your thought process is? Everyone is a potential murderer too. That's why we don't (or at least not until the Bush and Obama administrations) lock people up for POTENTIAL crimes. It's called thoughtcrime and it is ridiculous.

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