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Comment Hydraulics (Score 1) 124

I've recently listened to a nice interview with an ex-Concorde captain from British Airways and I've learned quite a few interesting things about that plane. One of the last questions was his opinion about if the existing Concordes could be put back into the air. The answer was 'rather not' because of the apparently notoriously difficult maintenance of the hydraulic system and the fact that it needed constant caring while in use. Sitting around for quite a few years now without any care or without having been properly stored it would probably not be repairable.

There would certainly be a way to remanufacture parts or even replace parts of or the whole system, but I doubt this is within the financial reach of the project...

If you have two hours to spend and like technical discussions of this kind of machine, I'd highly recommend the podcast.

Comment Fuck off (Score 1) 142

No entity with commercial interests or rather: with interests other than those of a democratically elected government or it's air authority organization shall have anything to say on the use of airspace. That's much too important for all of us. Just imagine those dickheads making a proposal for a special delivery lane for their trucks between lanes for cars and bikes on the road... The private sector already has got too much control over the electromagnetic spectrum and such.

To be clear: fuck off, Amazon.

Comment Re:to read it another way (Score 1) 337

cant pass legislation to protect itself from school shootings

I live in a country where school shootings are, as someone said above, a statistic anomaly and yet, it's not because of laws that protect us from them but because society, as such, does provide much less cause for them. Any law in the world won't be enough. It's much harder than that.

Comment Re:Cultural Shift (Score 1) 840

Now that's illogic. How would you have inherited your aptitute to fix things from your dad if you weren't down in the basement with him ? Genetically ???

I rather teach my kids basic but sufficient swimming capabilities and spend the rest of our time on something intellectually more challenging like, say, repairing broken stuff. I'll spare my 'useless sports skills' vs. 'being constructive in any way' rant for tomorrow...

Submission + - IBM Researchers: Old Laptop Batteries Can Power Slums

mrspoonsi writes: Old laptop batteries still have enough life in them to power homes in slums, researchers have said. An IBM study analysed a sample of discarded batteries and found 70% had enough power to keep an LED light on more than four hours a day for a year. Researchers said using discarded batteries is cheaper than existing power options, and also helps deal with the mounting e-waste problem. The concept was trialled in the Indian city of Bangalore this year. The adapted power packs are expected to prove popular with street vendors, who are not on the electric grid, as well as poor families living in slums. The IBM team created what they called an UrJar — a device that uses lithium-ion cells from the old batteries to power low-energy DC devices, such as a light. The researchers are aiming to help the approximately 400 million people in India who are off grid.

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