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Comment: Re:Technology section seems... odd (Score 1) 428

by felipou (#49430931) Attached to: Stack Overflow 2015 Developer Survey Reveals Coder Stats

AngularJS is not an alternative or competitor of jQuery.

AngularJS is a complete framework that largely dictates how you will structure all of your UI code. jQuery is a set of very handy utilities that can be used by anyone that writes javascript for the browser (including those writing a AngularJS application, although I'm not sure that really makes sense given everything that AngularJS provides). So basically anyone can use jQuery to help make things easier.

I'm not an expert in any of them, but given my limited knowledge, I think that summarizes it well.

Comment: Re:This is not really big news. (Score 1) 126

by felipou (#48225627) Attached to: Researcher Finds Tor Exit Node Adding Malware To Downloads

Tor provides anonymity. It does not provide authenticity or secrecy, and doesn't pretend to.

Not only it doesn't provide these things, it potentially cripples then by adding a random computer as a Man In The Middle! What did you guys expect?

Also, seeing that people who usually perform activities of this type (spreading malware) should be the ones most interested in TOR, I see some signs as to the kind of organizations who would attempt to do this...

Comment: Re:Wonder what brand is best now... Intel? (Score 1) 101

by felipou (#48201865) Attached to: Samsung Acknowledges and Fixes Bug On 840 EVO SSDs

If you want to follow someone - pick Apple. Given the way news coverage is, if there's a problem with someone somewhere and their SSD in their Apple product, the whole world would know in a nanosecond. Someone as heavily scrutitinized as Apple (where even one failure in millions of computers sold would probably bring about SSD-gate) means if there is a real problem, you'd already know.

Don't be so sure about that. I and many others have had problems with the GPU soldering on 2011 Macbook Pros. This has been affecting lots of users since last year, and although there was some media coverage, I don't think it's gathering enough attention as you seem to imply it would.

Some references:

Comment: Re:And one more thing - NOT (Score 1) 411

by felipou (#47162787) Attached to: Apple WWDC 2014: Tim Cook Unveils Yosemite

And FFS, this is the DEVELOPER conference. New product announcements here are few and far between. Here's an overview of the last ten years of WWDC. If you can read that list and still be surprised or disappointed at what was or wasn't announced today, you're an idiot.

Awesome page, thanks for the link!

Comment: Re:no (Score 1) 437

Is there a rock beneath the bag? You can't know. You can, however, guess there isn't and adjust your estimates about any future bags containing rocks should this one be harmless. That happens all the time, and is one of the numerous ways in which human rationality tends to break down.

You are giving computers and self driving cars way more power than they have in reality. A human could see the bag bouncing around in the road and make the decision, where the computer system would detect an obstacle and react differently.

And I think you are giving then way less power than they have in reality. Facebook already can detect faces better than we do.

Also, why are you assuming the computer system would react differently? Can't it learn (or be trained) to detect the bouncing bag to know there isn't a risk in this case?

I also think they could learn to do that better than humans too. We can get distracted, and only notice the bag on the last second, when it is laying still and formed just like it was over a rock. A computer system will be totally dedicated to paying attention to everything on the road, and wouldn't miss a single bounce of the bag, when it could reduce the risk factor of the bag enormously and then ignore it.

The human mind, contrary to your implication outperforms computers all the time.

Yes, it outperforms computers all the time, but less with each passing moment.

Do you believe in statistics? If autonomous cars injure and kill less people than human controlled cars, then what's the point of this kind of discussion?

The trouble with doing something right the first time is that nobody appreciates how difficult it was.