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Comment: Dealing with MSFT (Score 1) 308

by feddas (#42218837) Attached to: Hit Game Makes £52 In First Week On Windows RT
It's good to see this happens to people other than Indie developers. Working with Microsoft to figure out how the promotion of Apps in the app store works is not easy. Microsoft makes the process difficult. I waited up to full month for an exclusive Windows Phone game I made, BouncyLasers, to go from submitted to approved on the market. I tried to join multiple Microsoft sponsored marketing campaigns with no feedback other than "your app has been submitted to the campaign". Sure my app isn't too impressive as I'm the single dev, but some more help from Microsoft on how their featuring in the Market process works or what to expect from submitting to one of their campaigns is badly needed.

Comment: link to a Facebook page (Score 1) 259

by feddas (#41951281) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Is the Best Way To Add Forums To a Website?
I wanted to add a forum to my site. My requirements were a bit different than yours:
- I didn't care much about the look and feel integration.
- My focus was free and low maintenance.
- I don't have user account registering on my website, which lead to spam on the forums I tried,

I ended up with the website linking directly to a Facebook page I made for it. It looks a bit like a hack job, but one that has been working really well for me.

Comment: Re:Thought about sticking to a mobile app? (Score 1) 409

by feddas (#40199431) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Tips For Designing a Modern Web Application?
I completely agree with "The devil is in the plethora of browser-specific quirks", yet companies are moving away from the web based solution to this, which in my mind is plug-ins: Java applets, Flash, & Silverlight. You may have yourself cornered in the future if you stick to the (better) methods of the plug-in/write-once-run-anywhere based past.

Comment: Not the first flying car (Score 1) 249

by feddas (#39556461) Attached to: Flying Car Makes Successful Maiden Flight
The video from the companies website,, states that many attempts have been made to make flying cars. Looks like a lot of those attempts fly just fine. Guess they don't have access to wikipedia: Terrafugia is one of the more modern flying car contenders:

Comment: Great staff at Metrix (Score 1) 27

by feddas (#39117931) Attached to: Slashdot Visits Metrix Create:Space in Seattle (Video)
I went to Metrix just last weekend for the first time. They were the only place I could find in the Seattle area to use a 3D printer. The staff knowledgeable and interested in wanting to make my project work and making sure I knew what it'd cost ahead of time. They frequented my printer job often as it was printing. They also have a ton of interesting projects around to check out and use for examples as they tend to share a similarity for what you want to create. The only downside is parking/bus routes.

Comment: Gold spammers (Score 1) 244

by feddas (#36616764) Attached to: World of Warcraft Goes Free With Starter Edition
Gold spammers are why there's no social aspect to the free version. Previously people utilized the multi-day trails to spam chat. So it makes sense Blizzard restricts this so playing customers don't have to be spammed.

I tried a multi-day trail. I'd end up on a quest where multiple people were camping a mob to complete the quest. I was unable to ask them if they'd group for the quest, so that we could all complete the quest on a single mob respawn. The only way to interact with other players is through the WoW defined emotes, which do not contain a /wantToGroup.

The multi-day trails did have the ability to join guilds. This gave them a taste of the social aspect. I don't know why they'd remove the ability to join a guild as a paying account is the one initiating the trail accts invitation to the guild. That paying account can easily boot the person if they're a gold spammer.

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