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Comment Re:Uber = Public subsidized (Score 1) 204

It doesn't raise the rates for EVERYONE. I find using taxis (and trains) far far cheaper than having a car (motorbike in my case). The cost of taxis in London may be high, but not as much as insurance (due to post-code orientated crime rates), huge parking costs, tax, petrol, maintenance...

Uber rates are cheaper due to lower overhead from their employer/agent, every single driver has told me they get far more work and make more money, and that is mostly due to the lack of heavy up-front cost.

Comment Re: I would suggest the stl (Score 1) 345

If you want real high performance c++, don't use hacks to turn your single threaded code to MT. Use cuda and opencl2. (Both of which support a lot of c++ functionality)
If you don't want to cross over to using external drivers, use std::futures.
For real efficiency control other threads yourself!

Comment Re:Yup, added an easter egg in an old PS1 game. (Score 1) 290

This! We were making 3D games in early 2000's and whenever the engine had some new features we played with it. (we ALWAYS added a goldeneye-style big head mode to all our games :)
We also added plenty of "cheats" which were runtime dev-tools, publishers usually demanded we removed them, but often we just made obscure cheat codes to enable them... though we made the fun harmless ones a bit more easy to stumble upon...

Comment Re:Unity3D (Score 3, Informative) 253

Help menu -> report a bug... Do you think it needs to be easier?
There's the issue tracker( http://issuetracker.unity3d.co... ) for submitting other bugs... and this gives a very loose guide to what issues bug people the most...

*Every* bug gets checked and seen!

The problem a lot of the time is working out which bug needs to be fixed first by the limited resources we have...

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