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Comment Outsourced IT? (Score 1) 190 190

Bean counters consider engineers and IT workers to be fungible, so they like to boost quarterly profits by getting rid of experienced company employees and filling the seats with much less expensive and less experienced contractors who don't fully understand the jobs they are filling. No idea if that's what happened at NYSE and United, but I've seen it happen other places and result in "glitches".

Comment Fake job bro (Score 5, Informative) 491 491

I work in a small town with a very small number of high tech employers. The place across town posted a job with extremely specific job requirements that happened to align perfectly with my resume... I applied for the job and immediately received a back channel request to withdraw my application because the job opening was posted for a temporary foreign worker they had who had to be given a permanent position or go home... Apparently they were required to post the job and could only hire her if there were no qualified applicants who were US citizens... It's a small town, I didn't want to burn bridges, and already had a good job so I withdrew but I wonder how often this happens where the applicant for the fake job does not get a heads up and has his time wasted interviewing for a fake job opening...

Comment Re:question (Score 1) 743 743

The problem was that he was not evil. He is a good person who had moral problems with the evil that his employer was engaged in. The lesson for the NSA is to only hire evil people if they need to do evil things. They need to screen out good people of conscience and hire sociopaths.

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