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Wireless Networking

Submission Where Are All The Wireless Tablets?

fard69 writes: "When trying to get out from under the abusive relationship I have with my wireless carrier (nameless to avoid lawsuits) by using a prepaid cell plan with a phone and a tablet, I discovered that nearly no 4G tablets are available for use with prepaid phone/data cards. I live in the SF Bay Area, nominally a hotbed of the latest geek tech. So, where are these tablets? I see them reviewed in every website in geekdom, but no 4G tablets ever seem to make it to any retail outlets.
Where do SF/SJ Slashdotters get their 4G tablets?"

Comment Hard to work in (Score 1) 1027

I'm new to app development, but WP7 is the most poorly documented (probably because it's new), ridiculously locked-down environment to code in I have yet suffered through. Things don't work that should due to intended security constraints, making it impossible to casually develop something in free time that might get made truly useful (read: monetized) later. Frustrating enough that I have decided to compete in the Android app space instead. It may be crowded, but at least I can do it.

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