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by faraway (#33579360) Attached to: Torvalds Becomes an American Citizen
Also, it is interesting to point out that the "weird May 6th market crash" where the market lost 1 trillion in value was followed 2-3 days (May 9th I believe) later with an announcement by the EU of a 1 trillion dollar bailout package; despite only a few days earlier having said there is -no way- they would do a bailout.

But /. and all other propaganda sources had a story ready for the May 6th crash the second it happened: someone's fat finger hit B instead of M......... sure.  And they're still "unsure" of what the root cause of the flash crash was.....

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by faraway (#33577032) Attached to: Torvalds Becomes an American Citizen
Don't forget America's love with Socialism: Privatize profits, socialize losses.

Did you know PG&E is trying to get the PUC to approve rate hikes to cover losses due to fires?

They had millions to spend to install new Smart Meters, MILLIONS to spend trying to enshrine into the California Constitution a protection for them to be the sole energy suppliers, millions in bonuses for executive.. but somehow no money to maintain their existing infrastructure.

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Our 'consumer' rights? -heh-

Everyone's so brainwashed that 'consumer' takes the place of the word 'citizen'.

Consumer protection agency... as if consumer's got burned in the 2008/crash/banking handout.

1. Consumers buy, consume, and defecate shit.

2. Citizens produce, pay taxes, and bail out banks which in turn take shit, revalue it (usually more than its worth), and then convince consumers to buy it via debt.

3. Go to #1.

Somehow though, the word 'citizen' does not ever come up in anywhere.... wake up people.. citizens make up America, not consumers.

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I am a European-American.  A European Christian (and I assume a NZ "Christian" isn't the same as mid-west American "Christian" - consider mid-west American "Christians" more like the Taliban).

Here's a terrific example of American Christians at their best:

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<quote><p>No, they are targeted because the intelligence and, in many cases, the targets themselves say  they are engaged in combat operations against the United States.</p></quote>

Because intelligence on much bigger things such as invading another country for the bountiful supply of Weapons of Mass Destruction they had was excellent top notch intelligence.  1 million dead Iraqis later.. still looking for those weapons of mass destruction.

The President is not a King, nor a tyrant.  Only Kings and Tyrants decree someone needs to be executed while they are driving around in a car or sleeping in their bed at night.

If they're on the battle field with a weapon, they're fighting a war and are military targets.  Otherwise, they're Americans who have been denied due process.  Innocent until proven guilty and all that... I like our rights as Americans.  Maybe you don't.

Oh hey!! I think the warrant-less wiretapping network just picked up on you telling your grandma you are "Shelving the bible on the second shelf".. apparently that's code for bombing the pentag0n.  You are now an enemy combatant.

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He has the liberty to die.  That's what Rackoon, the man with the 37th best health care system in the world wants.

Needless to say, places like France which enjoy the worlds #1 health care system in the world, are also the most productive people / hours worked.  DAMN THOSE LAZY SOCIALISTS WHO JUST WANT TO STAY HOME, AND GET FREE STUFF, and a nice 3-4 week vacation a year, and reasonable working house... and be more productive than their US counterparts at the same time. 

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