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Comment: Volume is not the same as loudness (Score 1) 289

by falken0905 (#38378904) Attached to: US Bans Loud Commercials
It all depends on how the bill is written. Volume is not the same as loudness. If you take the commercial/whatever and use audio compression and processing gear (or software) you can crunch the crap out of the commercial, do a little frequency shaping, etc. and it will -sound- a lot louder than less processed audio. Yet, you can show using VU meters, peak meters, and similar 'volume measuring' devices and they will show the program and commercial audio as being about the same. The levels (amplitude) peak and otherwise will not exceed a particular value yet the heavily processed commercial can still sound like it's blasting you. It's all in the processing/shaping/limiting etc. And, of course, how the bill specifies that the 'volume' be measured or determined.

Comment: Wake me when... (Score 1) 150

by falken0905 (#36890360) Attached to: Wal-Mart Jumps Into Video Streaming
Wake me when streaming video looks as good as Blu-Ray (or even DVD), has 5.1 DTS sound, lets me select chapters, has special features, etc. I didn't buy an expensive 62" high-def display, Oppo BD player, component surround sound system, and nice speakers so I can watch the crap quality of what Netflix and everyone else today calls HD. Even with 15 mbps cable internet it still looks and sounds like crap compared to BD and DVD. I've been a faithful Netflix customer for quite a long time and gladly pay the extra fee for BD and the new rates. But, it's becoming obvious that Netflix and all the other providers want to completely eliminate disks and go solely with streaming to cut costs and increase profit. I'm an old guy so let me just say - BAH!

Comment: At Work... (Score 1) 422

by falken0905 (#36744786) Attached to: How Do You Get Your Geek Nostalgia Fix?
Geek Nostalgia? At work I still have to maintain two old SCO Xenix boxes. They are for a Wegener ANCS satellite control system. Since Xenix knows nothing about networking I move files in and out of the systems via serial port using Kermit. If a hard drive crashes and I need to reinstall Xenix it's done with a batch of 3.5" floppy disks. Fortunately SCO did issue a Y2K patch. I guess that's enough nostalgia for me. If I need more there's always the DOS 6 box that runs a monitoring system. Yes, I'm an old guy.

Comment: Re:Two birds, one rocket. (Score 1) 562

by falken0905 (#35925034) Attached to: Rep. Bill Posey Introduces 'Back To the Moon' Bill
I am a senior citizen and I'm all for going somewhere else to escape the world all of you youngsters are going to inherit. However, I'd really prefer Mars to the moon. The moon is just too freakin' close to earth and likely to be destroyed or seriously pummeled with debris when you youngsters finally blow it up.

Pope Promotes Christian Netiquette 218

Posted by samzenpus
from the divine-friend-request dept.
angry tapir writes "Pope Benedict XVI Monday gave his blessing to social networking, urging Catholic Internet users to adopt a respectful Christian netiquette when spreading the Gospel online. The pope said new technologies were creating unprecedented opportunities for establishing relationships and building fellowship but warned against creating false online profiles out of vanity or diluting the Christian message to achieve popularity."

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