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Comment: Re:Regarding the 190MB available for apps. (Score 1) 568

by fajmoh (#30663232) Attached to: Google's Nexus One Phone Launches

... Don't be concerned that your iPhone is using 3GB for app storage...on an Android device those apps would be putting 95% of their data on the SD card.

So then you have to carry around dozens of extra cards for different apps for different occasions, another thing to try-not-to-lose. How is the durability of micro-sd cards btw without any protection say loose in your wallet? And they say its expandable up to 32gb, but i can't find any micro-sd that exceeds 16. Just me?


Mediterranean Might Have Filled In Months 224

Posted by kdawson
from the white-water-to-die-for dept.
An anonymous reader writes "A new model suggests that the Mediterranean Sea was filled in a gigantic flood some 5.3 million years ago. According to Daniel Garcia-Castellanos' paper in Nature, the sill at the Straight of Gibraltar gave way rather suddenly, with 40 cm of rock eroding and the water level rising by 10 m per day at its peak. They imagine a shallow, fast-moving stream of water (around 100 km/hr) several kilometers wide pouring into the basin with a flow greater than a thousand Amazon rivers — that's about 100,000,000 cubic meters per second." The flood would have dropped worldwide sea levels by 9.5 meters, probably triggering climate changes. In this model the Mediterranean filled in anywhere from a few months to two years at the outside.

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