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Comment Re:My WRT54G v2 is still in full service (Score 1) 118

Am I the only one who still has his WRT54G v2 in full service? Its no longer a router, just an wireless access point and it runs dd-wrt. Nevertheless, it is probably the only 9 year old device still in active duty without any problems.

54Mbps ought to be enough for anybody?

Comment Re:Regarding the 190MB available for apps. (Score 1) 568

... Don't be concerned that your iPhone is using 3GB for app storage...on an Android device those apps would be putting 95% of their data on the SD card.

So then you have to carry around dozens of extra cards for different apps for different occasions, another thing to try-not-to-lose. How is the durability of micro-sd cards btw without any protection say loose in your wallet? And they say its expandable up to 32gb, but i can't find any micro-sd that exceeds 16. Just me?


Mediterranean Might Have Filled In Months 224

An anonymous reader writes "A new model suggests that the Mediterranean Sea was filled in a gigantic flood some 5.3 million years ago. According to Daniel Garcia-Castellanos' paper in Nature, the sill at the Straight of Gibraltar gave way rather suddenly, with 40 cm of rock eroding and the water level rising by 10 m per day at its peak. They imagine a shallow, fast-moving stream of water (around 100 km/hr) several kilometers wide pouring into the basin with a flow greater than a thousand Amazon rivers — that's about 100,000,000 cubic meters per second." The flood would have dropped worldwide sea levels by 9.5 meters, probably triggering climate changes. In this model the Mediterranean filled in anywhere from a few months to two years at the outside.

Top Ten Things Overheard At The ANSI C Draft Committee Meetings: (4) How many times do we have to tell you, "No prior art!"