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Comment: Re:It's not even done yet. (Score 2, Insightful) 68

by fabs64 (#33890400) Attached to: IBM Australia Announces New Global Research Development Lab

This possibility has intrigued me for a while. We have a lot of very very very cheap land in rural towns that already has roads/water/electricity/sewage and has basically sat idle since the mechanisation of agriculture.

There do exist knowledge workers who don't want to live in a city, or hell just want to be able to afford a house.

Comment: Re:No Conscience? (Score 1) 254

by fabs64 (#33608124) Attached to: Conroy Still Hell-Bent On Internet Filter

I would say this policy was net-neutral and potentially net-positive at the election for the government. The number of people who voted for the Liberals rather than Green with Labor preference or Labor outright because of this policy would be miniscule. The number of christians who were swayed to stick with Labor because of it would be very small but likely larger than the first group.

It's a stupid policy and it's dead on the water, just quit with the hyperbolic screaming, you already won.

Comment: Re:Labour winning is good and bad (Score 1) 222

by fabs64 (#33530464) Attached to: Australia's National Broadband Network To Go Ahead

Being that you managed to misspell the name of one of the two major parties we have in this country, I take it you don't follow politics and so will help you out.

The filter is dead, both the liberals and the greens are against it so it can't get through the house or the senate.

Comment: Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 460

by fabs64 (#32647294) Attached to: Why Engineers Don't Like Twitter

Twitter is used to distribute 160 characters at a time, what those characters represent is up to the grey matter.

I pretty much only follow software engineers; Martin Fowler, Kent Beck, Robert Martin, Jeremy Miller, Michael Feathers, Eric Evans. I'd hardy call what these people say "socially relevant" but it is relevant to *me*. As well as being interesting. ... Well, mostly interesting, uncle bob's political tweet's aren't very interesting but they're very easy to skim ;-)

"If you want to eat hippopatomus, you've got to pay the freight." -- attributed to an IBM guy, about why IBM software uses so much memory