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Comment: Expensive sollutions (Score 1) 38

by fabioalcor (#47970083) Attached to: New Long-Range RFID Technology Helps Robots Find Household Objects

The problem with both StickNFind and UGrokIt and any other similar product I've heard about is that they're too much expensive. 25$ tag on a $10 remote control? Haha.
I wouldn't mind a product with a short detection range (1 meter for me is good enough to find stuff in lockers and below sofas or inside my car), and/or without any security (for what, burglars can detect stuff with eyeballs too). Doesn't need any fancy stuff like sound beeps or remote tracking or anything, make it simple and CHEAP. I just want a detectable "thing". If it could be affordable (tags in 1 US$ price range), and the tags could be small enough to fit in most stuff (especially the small stuff like keys, thumbdrives, etc), I'm totally sold.

Comment: Re:What a silly title ... (Score 1) 115

by fabioalcor (#47519685) Attached to: 'Optical Fiber' Made Out of Thin Air

Not necessarily - there are lots of situations where it's not practical to run a cable. Secure connectivity between naval vessels is a prime example, others would be for use in the space program, or cheaper data communication between buildings in a campus. Residential broadband internet would be simpler - put an optical transceiver on the roof and point it at a tower - no more digging up the garden to provide fttp.

It would work... until it rains.

Comment: Re:So what? they can be tapped to. (Score 1) 244

by fabioalcor (#47462959) Attached to: German NSA Committee May Turn To Typewriters To Stop Leaks

The typewriter can be moved around, so you would have to plant microphones everywhere.

If one install the microphone/sensor in the typewriter, disguised like a part of it, it'd overcome all these problems. It could even harvest power to operate from the vibrations of the machine.

Comment: Re:Obviously not quite true (Score 1) 148

Fasting is different of malnutrition. Fasting is just pause your healthy diet for some time. Malnutrition is not having an adequate diet for long periods or for life. The latter is not healthy for obvious reasons. The former can be healthy since your body has reserves of nutrients and fasting just make the body to use them. You'll not suffer any harm for fasting, if done correctly.

Comment: Re:Perfect time for a Descent reboot (Score 1) 251

by fabioalcor (#47085557) Attached to: It's Time For the <em>Descent</em> Games Return

main problem with it was your head doesnt turn 360 degrees in 6 axis

Actually it would be pretty shitty to control the ship with your head movement.
It doesn't need to. Make the ship move by the controllers command, but if you move your head, you would move your head inside the cockpit, that is, you'd be able to see the side windows, the instruments above you, etc. The game would even show additional information in "displays" inside the cockpit, kind of stuff that you don't need to see all the time, only when needed. But such feature should demand a real preparation of the game for the Oculus/Morpheus/whatever, not only an image adjustment.

Comment: Re:Used to be able to dream lucidly when ... (Score 2) 138

by fabioalcor (#46976037) Attached to: Electric Stimulation Could Help You Control Your Dreams

I still do, at 30 years old. Especially when I sleep at evenings, it's almost certain that I will have a lucid dream, sometimes I incorpore the sounds around me in my dream, even whole conversations.
And yes, is's totally cool when I am able to fly in my dreams, even when sometimes I can't control my flight.

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