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Comment Expensive sollutions (Score 1) 38

The problem with both StickNFind and UGrokIt and any other similar product I've heard about is that they're too much expensive. 25$ tag on a $10 remote control? Haha.
I wouldn't mind a product with a short detection range (1 meter for me is good enough to find stuff in lockers and below sofas or inside my car), and/or without any security (for what, burglars can detect stuff with eyeballs too). Doesn't need any fancy stuff like sound beeps or remote tracking or anything, make it simple and CHEAP. I just want a detectable "thing". If it could be affordable (tags in 1 US$ price range), and the tags could be small enough to fit in most stuff (especially the small stuff like keys, thumbdrives, etc), I'm totally sold.

Comment Re:What a silly title ... (Score 1) 115

Not necessarily - there are lots of situations where it's not practical to run a cable. Secure connectivity between naval vessels is a prime example, others would be for use in the space program, or cheaper data communication between buildings in a campus. Residential broadband internet would be simpler - put an optical transceiver on the roof and point it at a tower - no more digging up the garden to provide fttp.

It would work... until it rains.

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