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The Murky Origins of Zork's Name 70

Posted by Soulskill
from the murky-enough-for-a-grue dept.
mjn writes "Computational media researcher Nick Montfort traces the murky origins of Zork's name. It's well known that the word was used in MIT hacker jargon around that time, but how did it get there? Candidates are the term 'zorch' from late 1950s DIY electronics slang, the use of the term as a placeholder in some early 1970s textbooks, the typo a QWERTY user would get if he typed 'work' on an AZERTY keyboard, and several uses in obscure sci-fi. No solid answers so far, though, as there are problems with many of the possible explanations that would have made MIT hackers unlikely to have run across them at the right time."

Comment: Re:The hub motor is the limiting factor (Score 1) 520

by f_head (#10433537) Attached to: E-bike E-xperiences?
I've test driven ZVO's Burro bike (I think that's the name of the model). The electric ride is very cool, nice acceleration etc. What surprised me was how "real bike"-like the pedaling was. I didn't try it but it seemed to me that you could pedal the bike very comfortably should you run out of juice. It was, to paraphrase Steve Jobs, insanely cool thing to ride...

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