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Comment Re:Microsoft helped majorly in the project (Score 1) 291

Microsoft provided research to CERN, not OS. .

evidence please?

CERN probably used Linux because it's highly customizable.

LOL. Playing adult games with baby toys? Sure you do not even begin to grasp the computational tasks that are to be done in order to make a 5 sigma discovery of such heavy particle. You probably have a desktop-level knowledge of OSes, dont you? you could check the numbers, like data flow, amount of storage, flops etc which are needed in CERN...

Unlike FOSS zealots, they understand the importance of using right tool for the job

sorry to wake you up from your nice dreams, Linux is the only tool used in serious science, unless propietary hardware suffers from the windows lock-down. That's why you'll see more windows boxes in labs than in theory departments (in fact it is rather hard to see a theorist using anything but linux)

Comment cannot be otherwise (Score 1) 291

(senior quantum physicist)
"may be one of the most important scientific discoveries ever"
BS. Science does not evolve by critical jumps made by one person in one tiny micro-region of science space. It evolves by hordes of scientists opening new fronts all over. (comment: it might well be the most expensive and publicised in the whole history of science, though)

"Is the particle's discovery just on the fringe of common scientific knowledge"
Isn't that 100% redundant? every discovery is at the fringe by definition.

Some days ago I was telling a friend that every time my parents come with a "hey, have you heard about (...) scientific discovery?" it takes me at least 10 minutes to relate the newspaper's title to the real news, even if the news belong to my field of research. Even if journalists were not interested in sensationalizing the news, and even if they were not complete idiots, which I am sorry to know they are, they could NEVER post reasonable scientific news, because they do not understand the content. No matter how much you try to explain the Higgs mechanism, lay people are never going to understand it, you need the maths for that, no way around. They could grasp some fairy-tale-ishly drawn picture of an approximate explanation, but never the reality. This is such an obvious concept to people who are expert at a given field: you can only understand what you know about, in other fields you are just like a little baby wandering in the dark.

But, hey, let's keep with the false illusion that being mediocre and ignorant is no problem at all.

Comment iaap (Score 0) 568

when energy ceases to be the problem, entropy will. You just cannot process infinite energy in a given volume. There is space left to wonder what the next major disaster will be.

Comment Re:I thought they already knew why corona is hotte (Score 3, Informative) 111

from what I know, all that is based on heavy numerical simulations (prone to errors in the assumptions, lack of more thorough numerics, etc). The simulations are based on parameters determined from measurements made from distances longer than those that will be reached with this new probe, and on assumptions also extrapolated from everything observed "from here". Summed up, that explanation could be right or completely wrong. We have to measure more and from smaller distances.

Comment Re:US abuse (Score 1) 966

It's funny that you feel this way about conspiracy theories (I mean US people), because the subject transforms into either not believing *at all* in conspiracies, or believing *all* of them. Don't you think the world is more complicated? Don't you think that with your attitude you'll be missing real complots when they happen? Oddly enough, this attitude is only present in the US, any idea why?

Comment Re:Translation: (Score 1) 840

You didn't read the actual speech did you? If not, you are speaking from ignorance.

would you read a speech from a Mullah speaking of internet? no, why? you don't care a shit about that illiterate piece of ...

On slashdot, people will believe anything negative claimed about that Pope.

wow! this is an amazing fact... why should that be? The pope is an idiot, obviously, no one intelligent will ever defend the want of substituting reality with a fairy tale; it is coward and childish, and well studied in psychology. In the future this kind of people will be treated, and of course no one will ever read on their opinions, as if they had something important to say.

Oh my fucking god.... we are so willing that all those fucking believers disappear and lets us build a world without dellusions...

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