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+ - Spotify releases a linux only client library->

Submitted by
f0rk writes "Spotify, a popular music streaming service, has just recently released libspotify. An official, binary-only, only for subscribers, library to "enable and inspire you to build some really cool stuff". The first release only have support for x86-32 Linux, the only major platform Spotify do not run on. It looks like the Spotify team is trying to be nice to the Linux community and hope some one will use there restricted binary-only library to write a Linux client."
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+ - Gmail Down

Submitted by f0rk
f0rk (1328921) writes "Gmail is down again. It gives visitors a "500 Server Error, Please try again in 30 seconds.""
PC Games (Games)

+ - Valve porting "Source Engine" to linux/ope

Submitted by f0rk
f0rk (1328921) writes "I found my self just randomly googleing today, when I thought "Hay, I wonder how Valve is doing on the OpenGL front?" because they seemed to have forgotten all about OpenGL. I did a google search for "valve opengl" and the second result gave me tan article from Phoronix."

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