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Comment: Re:most of the PAY warez sites seems to seen scams (Score 1) 421

by f.ardelian (#34646908) Attached to: RIAA, MPAA Recruit MasterCard As Internet Police
Microsoft spent top dollar on many anti-piracy campaigns. Most of the "user complaints" they showed in their ads suggested that the user had paid for their operating system, but they paid less than the price of Microsoft's license, they didn't get any support and they got an operating system infected with some trojan. It's common knowledge and there's tons of proof for that. Almost anyone can admit to know almost anything about almost everything, because they could have always "read about it on some reputable Internet website". I know shitloads about very very dirty stuff from the hundred thousand Slashdot comments I read in the past few years. No kidding!

Comment: Re:Was bound to happen (Score 1) 193

by f.ardelian (#34392398) Attached to: Google Faces EU Probe Over Doped Search Results
(let's ignore conspiracy theories for a moment)
What? I always thought Google did that on purpose and everyone know about it! It's great to always get Google's services at the top of any search because I can easily activate any of those services using my Google account. If I search for RSS Reader, I expect to get Google's service at the top so I can activate the service by just clicking on the link and enter my password. Isn't that like... the whole purpose of Google? To easily provide people with whatever they need.

Comment: Re:Worried? (Score 1) 316

by f.ardelian (#34200874) Attached to: 3D Printing May Face Legal Challenges
Dude, just take a look at Bon Jovi right now (the content behind this link will expire soon). They gave a live concert and they distributed it freely to everyone with access to YouTube. The concert took place at 01:00 AM GMT on Oct 11th 2010. At the time of this writing, they keep re-playing it over and over. Still free... And just because of this, I am going to one of their concerts next year!

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