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Comment Re:It's a race... (Score 1) 813

I don't think that's how ID works. It's really mostly a "God of the Gaps" approach. Rather than explicitly stating that God made the goldfish and it was good, they say that there's no way something as complicated as the eye could have evolved, and therefore the most likely explanation is that some kind of divine influence must have been at work. So a test on ID would take the form of listing discrepancies in the fossil record, citing evidence that humans and dinosaurs co-existed, etc.

Comment Re:It's a race... (Score 1) 813

No. The point of the "odd line" seems to be to preclude any discussion of the identity of the creator in the classroom. i.e. If you want to nominate a particular creator, you need to be able to prove it with observable evidence. As that is obviously impossible, the identity must remain a matter of personal belief, not open to interrogation. It seems to be specifically designed to rule out the sort of challenge you are making. Of course, that makes it impossible to place any explicit religious material in the course, but it doesn't matter. Those who believe in a particular divine creator will just take it as confirmation of their privately-held belief.

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