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Comment Re:slashdoteruuu (Score 1) 117

Nah, libgen (and all its assorted mirrors posted by OP) sees way more traffic than slashdot these days. They do tend to block american ISPs to avoid the frequent harassment from american lawyers. Note that the proper name of this archive is libgen, scigen is just one of its mirrors.

Comment Re:I love that Independant learning is a problem (Score 2) 151

People may "think in words", monologues in cartesian theater. When one considers language as the means to convey or even ponder ideas, it perhaps makes sense to put a leash on language to limit certain ideas. Why should be programming languages any different? Java, PHP, Javascript support the western democracy. C++ is probably associated with toxic brogrammer culture, but is tolerated for legacy reasons. C is clearly an indication of being on path towards radical extremism.

Comment Re:I liked it more before.... (Score 1) 233

Yet according to different philosophical schools, altruism is subjectively an oxymoron - it's driven by self-interest.

It assumes that we widen the scope of "self interest" to feeling happy, sense of accomplishment and other means of self-fulfillment, ie beyond mere scope of money grubbing.

Careful here with narrow interpretations of neurology. The silly reward center loops effectively are what drives our motivation, and we might in fact act on it out of self-interest very much.

Comment Re:I'm always skeptical of claimed performance (Score 2) 113

That's not really useful because that can just mean that you basically have a big WAN with fast access to your own stuff, but no backhaul to support it.

Euro internet exchanges can be sort of thought of very cheap, pan-continent WAN. Thousands of smaller ISPs agree to meet at few central dark places in a datacenter, and plug their links to ethernet switches in there. And BGP peer through this (ridiculously fast) LAN.

Which means pan-european peering is essentialy free if you can get your dark lambda to 3 euro IXes, just rent the fiber. Same thing then works on national level, each country having one or few smaller IX for their language bubbles (to save cost on the lambda to AMS). Only tier-1 (ie not euro/russia) is pretty much always oversold to broadband costumers.

I'm real happy with my connection for that reason. It's 300mbit for $100/month but it really gets that.

Thats between 10-20x the cost of the same thing in central to eastern europe (Note that PPP, the consumer prices in those countries are only 50% lower or so compared to US).

But to servers all over the US.

And most of canada. Yes, because North America is pretty much one peering "bubble", just like european continent is. Try to iperf it across the ocean, it will be massively oversold at this pricepoint (realistic overseas tier-1 price is about $2-5 per Mbit).

Problem with your US WAN is that settlement free peering is non-existent in there, i mean on some massive scale, hosting a hyper-competetive bandwidth market. This is because pan-US backhauls ("the fiber") are monopolized by the very same cartel of oligopolies who mainly profit from last mile, and creating an open market there would run against their main source of profit.

As a result, you can't just "rent fiber" for each IX like you can in europe. So even though your local bandwidth is naturally abundant (given relatively short distances), it is still very costly to the consumer, because the market is cornered.

tl;dr: Parent thinks internet peering is series of tubes and "north american bw" means "world-wide tier-1 bw". Sorry murrica, but european commies with their central-but-free bw economy won this one.

Comment To the devs (Score 1) 174

After reducing all this dropbox grandstanding filler and chest thumping (is that corporate policy or something? this is certainly not the first time), it all boils down to:

You took frequency space transformed H264 (pre-cabac) and wrote better range coder for it.


Still pretty impressive, but for the love of god, please use succinct _technical_ descriptions. - https://raw.githubusercontent.... - is god awful, as it just describes general operation of a range coder.

Beating jpeg entropy coding is not that impressive, as thats just huffman which really awful. CABAC is better, but still decade behind behind top of the line research (I suppose you're regulars).

Comment Re:Piss off- text of her blog which was taken down (Score 1) 229

running static analysis tools on their code

While there are some experimental techniques to deal with binaries, mature auditing tools exist only source level (TFA specifically mentions reverse engineering, ie no source code).

It's probably more about mundane DoS bugs. Overeager pentesters find trivial DoS bug and blow it out of proportion (get paid only if you find something), customer unable to asses severity then bugs oracle with trivial low severity bugs which can be solved by proper compartmentalization of systems.

Comment Re:Details (Score 1) 480

To be fair, Next was just expensive toys company where a lot of the employees there were not exactly motivated by the money (perhaps that was even the whole point). It was certainly not consumer electronics moneygrab as Apple after that. AFAIK in that case, socialist payroll was no longer on the table.

Comment Steve Jobs did this (Score 1) 480

To a degree In Next - look it up. Two tier system, 75k seniors, everyone else 50k. The concept can definitely fly, as long the company operates like that from the get go. In the RTFA case the problem was the abrubt switch and not factoring senior employees at all, but that does not mean the model itself is flawed.

Comment Re:How about adult subreddits? (Score 1) 581

Fun thing about that: Ross Ulbright got nailed by FBI thanks to one such drug subreddit, where a redditor posted that silk road servers leaked IP through phpinfo().

Taken to the extreme, the user unwittingly (or not? :) doxxed Ulbright (that is a big nono on reddit).

I imagine feds will never object to drug markets related subreddits now, as it's a convenient crowdsourced insider info.

Comment Re:Well, she was an interim. (Score 1) 467

To be honest it was just temporary curb of obvious legionf*ggotry, similiar happened to ponies and even boxxy. Too much of single topic is simply too much. GG pretty much amounted to raid by angry virgins. Nowadays /pol/ is rocking as usual, incorrect and juvenile as ever. Butthurt legion types mostly migrated to 8chan which seized the opportunity - it worked out well for everyone in the end. Ironically it's the GG who now get raided regularly by oldschool trolls, but nothing large scale, board bussiness as usual.

Reddit is entirely different beast (as it has better prospects to extract profit from its users, it's adequately more censored).

Comment Re:Your biggest screw up (Score 3, Informative) 452

Same problem as facebook and social whatever. And unique snowflakes suddenly butthurt when they realize closed walled gardens are heavily policed since those are not operated under old internet creed of free access, they're corporations.

Old unmoderated media are still all out there - usenet, irc channels, or non-mainstream imageboards if people want it in hip setting. No moderation has also some pretty nasty drawbacks, and suddenly muh free speech types will be offended by what happens when there truly is unrestrained freespeech - trollfest, spam, cp, sheer retardness, anarchy. You can't satisfy a stereotypical average reddit user, all they do is just complain.

Comment Re:"Harbinger of Failure" = Hipsters? (Score 1) 300

Fair explanation, but the criticism still stands - hipsters as a group are no longer hip, theres too many of em. It's no longer few oddballs seeking the weird, think kramer from seinfeld, but whole subculture of kramer clones which define themselves through volatily weird hip things.

The core of the throuble is the scorched earth. Without hipsters, the given obscure hip thing would remain hip much longer - hipsters giving it exposure often propel it into mainstream culture.

This is often bad, when some closed circlejerk is suddenly disturbed by the masses, but by same amount, it's often positive when the exposure is desired. Cool obscure, silly and goofy vietnamese android game? Sure it's hipsters spreading the word. Hipsters and more broadly, the millenial culture of short attention spans and seeking of anything new are the frontiers of hype. They will perhaps destroy whole traditional advertising industry (there will be only professional hipsters for hire, look up pewdiepie vs flappy bird saga), which can be only good.

At that point, hipsters will evolve into their next stage, the natural calling - they'll become hypesters.

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