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Comment: Re:Why block? Monitor... (Score 5, Interesting) 74

by eyv (#29874399) Attached to: Ultrasurf Easily Blocked, But So What?
This is shameless self-promotion, but my colleagues and I have a paper at this year's ACM CCS that addresses just this problem. It's called "Membership-concealing overlay networks," and discusses a network with the explicit security goal of hiding the participants. Since we consider IP addresses to be sufficient to break this concealment, this makes the system also difficult to block at the IP layer. You can find the paper here here, and I would love to get some feedback.

+ - Google Takes Maps in a Whole New Direction->

Submitted by
abarbaccia writes "Google today improved how you get directions online.

Their new features include:
  • Drag 'n Drop points — leting you click and drag a route on the map and having the system recalculate the directions to add your new stop. (very useful when you know a better route than the system).
  • Traffic Information — In select cities you can get up to the minute traffic information displayed on top of the map.

These two pieces together makes their mapping application superb and very usable."

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