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Comment Broken by Design (Score 1) 165 165

The U.S. form of representative democracy was set up by the "founders" to be what it is, and it is no mistake that the upper class fights tooth and nail to keep it that way. The main problem with representative democracy goes beyond the founders though (which may explain why it was chosen in the first place) and is very similar to the main problem with the economic system called communism: Both require that humans act outside their behavior patterns to reach some ideal abstraction.

Where communism insists that humans must act according to the best interests of the whole before acting in one's own best interests, representative democracy insists that a specific human act according to the best interests of the whole before acting in their own interest. The problem is that humans act according to a hierarchy that is different: They will first act in their own interest, then in the interest of their immediate group, then -- lastly -- they will act for the benefit of the larger whole. This behavior pattern is documented and proven true over time and _no_ ideal abstraction will long get in the way.

If Mr. Lessig et al. are really interested in having functional government, then we need to discuss the dumping of representative democracy for something more "functional," such as direct democracy.

Comment kdbus, where are you? (Score 1, Interesting) 110 110

Still no kdbus, oy vey Jose. So what's it gonna take, three pretty, prancing blondes wearing sandwich boards and high heels marching in lock step in front of the White House? What do the sandwich boards say, you ask?

"The twenty-second century is screaming down the pipe and we've no KDBUS!"

"Hurry the fuck up with the KDBUS already!"

"Yo mamma needs her KDBUS too!"

Comment Re:"No idea how... the brain works" (Score 1) 230 230

In my modeling I came to this same conclusion several years ago now, that consciousness is the pre-requisite of intelligence. If true -- and I do think it is -- then the implications are most profound, especially in light of how we as humans treat our fellow living creatures. I'm quite sure that piggy you ate for breakfast knew he was alive, knew he was a distinct entity from other piggys, etc.

But the real kicker is the definition of consciousness itself. Most want to over-define or overload the concept and so end up having all sorts of extraneous elements mixed into their definitions, when at its most simple definition it is the ability to use time to advantage by acquiring and manipulating memories (observation and experience.) Once this ability is in place, rule sets become possible and it's off to the races.

Our human consciousness is so very obvious and apparent that almost everyone overlooks it even though they are using it when thinking about their own consciousness: The short-term memory loop which is used by the internal dialogue, where songs loop over and over, where you receive and acknowledge the message from your stomach that you're hungry -- that is your point of consciousness: A short-term memory loop is all it is. The tricky part is that I suspect humans at least have two point of consciousness and to some extent they either like each other and get along or are in conflict, but this is beyond the point I wanted to make here, which is that I think you're right.

Anyway, I ramble.

Comment Donate according to preferences or prejudices? (Score 1) 268 268

I do NPR and Wikipedia, but not much else. NPR because they actually do real news reporting much of the time, and Wikipedia because they are such an important source of reference for many people of the world who don't have access to reference sources otherwise.

Comment Re:Kludgy Mess Requires Kludgier Foundation (Score -1, Troll) 45 45

If you had bothered to read the first sentence of the quote -- and were able to comprehend it in context -- then you would not have posted this grammatically-challenged reply.

Allowing AC posts like yours have ruined this site for years now. The owners and operators of Slashdot should have fixed this by now, severely restricting who has access to AC posting.

Seriously, answer me true: Would you have made your original reply to my post if you had had to use your real account name? You don't even have the courage of conviction for your own position and yet you don't hesitate to personally insult those who do. You're a cowardly little turd who should be exposed for what you are to all who know you and have to work with and around you.

Comment Re:Kludgy Mess Requires Kludgier Foundation (Score 0) 45 45

"A recurrent criticism of inflation is that the invoked inflation field does not correspond to any known physical field, and that its potential energy curve seems to be an ad hoc contrivance to accommodate almost any data obtainable. Paul J. Steinhardt, one of the founding fathers of inflationary cosmology, has recently become one of its sharpest critics. He calls 'bad inflation' a period of accelerated expansion whose outcome conflicts with observations, and 'good inflation' one compatible with them: "Not only is bad inflation more likely than good inflation, but no inflation is more likely than either.... Roger Penrose considered all the possible configurations of the inflaton and gravitational fields. Some of these configurations lead to inflation ... Other configurations lead to a uniform, flat universe directly – without inflation. Obtaining a flat universe is unlikely overall. Penrose's shocking conclusion, though, was that obtaining a flat universe without inflation is much more likely than with inflation – by a factor of 10 to the googol (10 to the 100) power!"[106][107]"


Personal insults are not adequate replacements for knowledge, asshole.

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