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Comment: Re:Soo soo tired..... (Score 5, Informative) 143

I was setting up a PC for a friend yesterday and needed to install a popular shareware archival app that has been recognized as the best in its category and has never been bundled with any crap.

I opened up Firefox and typed the name in the search bar which had Yahoo set as the default search provider - as Firefox have notably done recently. I clicked on the first link that appeared, which for all intents and purposes appeared to be the link from the actual creator of said application.

But in fact it was not. It was some sleazebag site which basically bundles a load of crapware into the installer. Even when I carefully unselected all the crapware it was trying to profer, it still installed a PUP IE addon that Malwarebytes picked up. In short, Yahoo has descended to the level of pushing shading companies which install malware on people's computers and hijack the installers of legitimate shareware products. And Firefox have descended to making this company (Yahoo) their default search provider.

This is total shit. The model of the Internet as some kind of enhanced TV experience which tracks everything people do and targets and infiltrates them has got to stop.

You are totally right in seeing that there is no qualitative difference between what corporations are doing, what governments are doing, and what scammers are doing. We have moved from an age of true innovation to one of scamming. Hence why banking and investment are so big.

Comment: Re:Why not websites? (Score 1) 140

by execthis (#49003987) Attached to: Why It's Important That the New Ubuntu Phone Won't Rely On Apps

LMAO what do you think the entire free software thing is about? OMG tens of thousands of apps which are free. And, wait, much if not most of the core infrastructure enabling this page to be read and many of the essential functions that you perform via the Internet are... free. Not everything has to adhere to the bent, distorted model that Google and other proffer.

Comment: Re:The spin is strong in TFA. (Score 1) 140

by execthis (#49003959) Attached to: Why It's Important That the New Ubuntu Phone Won't Rely On Apps

Thanks to Google there are now apps as spam. What Google have enabled is appalling. They parasitized off the repository model of Open Source OS's and turned it into complete shit. Yes they could have enabled filters for truly free apps, but they never did because they are disgusting and sick.

Comment: I'd be upset if I was an EU minister (Score -1, Troll) 523

by execthis (#48423283) Attached to: What Would Have Happened If Philae Were Nuclear Powered?

I don't know if the guy with the shirt had a role in the flawed design of the Philae lander, but if I were an EU minister responsible for allocating resources to these people I'd be pretty upset right now.

They mess up the design of this thing's ability to land on the asteroid after it costs a huge amount of money and travels billions of miles, and then this jerk with the shirt is parading in front of cameras and giving interviews like a moron.

All I can say is NASA are much more professional than this and still outrank the ESA by far.

Comment: Thank goodness (Score 1) 581

by execthis (#48419155) Attached to: Debian Votes Against Mandating Non-systemd Compatibility

I love Debian. It is the best operating system on Earth and is important for our future.

It does not surprise me that there might be certain actors intending to intentionally disrupt and destroy Debian but fortunately it is more than strong enough to withstand any covert, black op attacks.

Comment: Re:What happened to the ability to filter AC posts (Score 1) 550

I would be happy if that were the case but your reservation "at least some people" deeply concerns me.

I can't understand why any rational person would go on a tirade against the best OS on the planet because of something like an init system. Either they are concealing deliberately malevolent intentions or else are really, really stupid.

Fortunately I think that Debian is more than strong enough to easily withstand any black ops directed against it. But I have no doubt that there are entities in our world who would like to destroy the Debian project because it threatens many things and confounds their plans to enslave everyone.

Comment: Re:What happened to the ability to filter AC posts (Score 1) 550

I think this whole "systemd" fiasco is nothing more than a black operation intended to hurt Debian. There are a lot of reasons why Debian would become a target for such an operation. Debian is a strong, powerful project to support true freedom and its not hard to think of why certain players would want to harm it in these sick times we live in.
If people don't think that black operations are real and that they happen they have not been paying attention for the past decades.
There are players in the world with vast resources at their disposal to use to engage in these sorts of activities. Sometimes they get caught red-handed but not always.
Surely the fact that all these posts filled with invective are coming from AC's should be a serious red flag.
I hate to say this, but the Debian team need to realize that they are targets for some potentially very dark actions because that increasingly is the type of world we live in. They can no longer afford to be naive of such things.

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