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Comment Re:woah woah woah (Score 1) 178

Except... load of shit.. because why does a country like Germany have the best universities which are all free to residents and non-residents. Having tuition is just bullshit and of course the grubby mofo's who run them want to capitalize on that and rake in as much cash as possible, American citizens be damned.

I am *so* disgusted with Obama's failures and wholesale selling out of America.

Donald Trump 2016

Comment Re:9 out of 10 "Americans" think Columbus (Score 3) 74

What *is* native? The human species has been migrating extensively between continents since its beginnings. A few thousand years or even tens of thousands of years one way or another is still a drop in the bucket in terms of the ancient age of the species and its predecessors.

To claim that some group or other is "native" - and thus somehow privileged or entitled - because it migrated slightly earlier, or didn't use ships or something silly like that is totally bunk.

Every human being on Earth is a native and deserves full right to where they are. All this crap about celebrating "natives" is a just a form of bigotry and racism, and of one group trying to claim entitlement which they don't deserve.

Comment Re:Is the NYT Racist? (Score 1) 231

I would support Sanders but I supported this other guy 8 years ago who was supposed to be so amazing and turned out to be just another dishonest, oligarchic shill. He even won a Nobel prize of all things. But, what a massive letdown. Yes, I supported that guy way back before the Iowa primary and told everyone I knew to vote for him.

I'm not going through this same BS again. Sanders is basically the same. And he supports mass amnesty (even though he did claim that an open border policy as being part of the Koch brothers agenda).

I recommend that you actually check out a number of Donald Trump's press conferences online. Check out the one he did in LA right after the Steinle murder in SF, and also check out one in New Hampshire a couple weeks ago. Some of his press conferences are kind of spotty, but some of them will have you captivated.

The fact is, he is a very wealthy man, independently wealthy, and thus in an extremely unique position to exercise his conscience and enact some pretty fundamental changes to our clearly outrageously broken country which I simply cannot believe any longer than anyone on the "inside" - Sanders included - even has the capacity to rectify.

I do not like every single thing about Trump, but that is true with anyone anyhow. But here's just a short list of what he has spoken in favor of: Universal healthcare (but not the Obamacare variety which only enriched the middlemen beyond the obscene amounts they are already raking in), no taxes for the poorest Americans, higher taxes for the uber-wealthy like hedge fund managers, scrapping crappy "free trade" deals which have only exported hundreds of thousands of jobs out of the country, and forcing American companies to keep factories in America or else face high penalties.

All of his policies and proposals are sound, and far more detailed than I can even remember any candidate from any other party running for the office of President ever stating.

Comment Re:Is the NYT Racist? (Score 2, Funny) 231

Not just the American middle class being decimated, but this is the decimation of America. The current generation of politicians are destroying America. Apparently that is and has been the plan of the oligarchy for quite a while - going back at least to the time of Clinton, but accelerated to shocking proportions today in overt acts of betrayal of the American people.

There is only one chance for a country which is close to dying: Donald Trump, the only non-oligarchy-shill candidate who talks at length in his press conferences about this problem, about problems with jobs being lost overseas, about immigration abominations which never would be occurring in any other developed nation of the world, and about the policies that need to change to truly change a country which has been methodically gutted, stripped, and sold out by global oligarchs.

Donald Trump 2016, not just to make America great again, but to save it from impending disaster.

Comment Re:Yep (Score 1) 166

Which is why, as a Libertarian, I oppose any extension of Government power on principle alone. We already have too much government interference in our lives.

Beyond Libertarianism even, it is simply what is moral and sensible. No government should just be in the business of making laws *because*. No government should assume that it should have the right to just make laws *because*. Its truly frightening the way some local governments in particular operate as if they are not doing their job by creating more and more laws without even thinking.

The first question that must always be asked when attempting to find a resolution for an issue is: What laws or policies, if eliminated, would benefit the situation?

But in their glee politicians just keep heaping more crap on the stack until the laws end up getting bent to the point that they are routinely ignored, meaning Rule of Law as a principle gets violated, precisely in these places with the overactive, do-gooder politicians.

Queue up the anti Libertarian rants below, starting with "Somalia" in 3 ... 2 ...1


Comment Re:Yep (Score 1) 166

Donald Trump gives press conferences where he speaks at extended length about quite a lot of issues. Among them:

- Tax the uber-wealthy such as hedge-fund managers.

- Support a universal healthcare system that does not enrich middlemen who already make obscene amounts of money and whom Obamacare helped

- Put an end to illegal immigration, make America's immigration policy identical to that of every other developed country in the world, and make sure that it is uniformly followed throughout the country

- Expose the oligarchy that runs the United States media establishment and the government-by-bribery system which no other candidates even come close to having the capacity to end

- Reduce or eliminate taxes for the poorest Americans which will help the economy

- Eliminate or renegotiate the disastrous "trade" treaties such as NAFTA which have only given away American jobs to other countries

- Require American companies to hire American workers or face still penalties

- End immigration fraud and visa abuses

The fact is that Donald Trump has a comprehensive platform with a lot of specifics for anyone willing to listen.

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