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Comment Everyone who blocked the contruction (Score 0) 277

For every person who blocked the construction of the telescope: Then to not be total disgusting fucking hypocrites:

When you have a serious injury and are in need of medical support, please do you partake of the services of a trauma center and the beneficial modern technology which made it possible.

When your loved ones are suffering and dying from some fatal disease, do you partake of advanced medications which could potentially cure them or extend their lives.

Do not drive a fucking car, use a computer, take an airplane, or utilize any other aspect of modern technology.

Because otherwise you are disgusting, full-of-shit hypocrites who deserve to rot.

Comment One other idea (Score 1) 580

One other idea that would work for this would be to modify any app that engages in network activity to always append a unique identifier to all its traffic. Then filter software on the router could be trained to either allow or reject traffic from different apps.

So for example all network traffic coming from Firefox on a particular system would be configured to append a unique identifier to all its traffic. When the router sees a packet from Firefox it recognizes the unique identifier, then removes it and transmits it out to the Internet. I think this would probably be easy to do with Netfilter.

With this type of system the router could be set to deny everything except what it recognizes and explicitly allows.

I would actually combine this with the blocklist above for the highest level of safety.

Its funny too because this would kind of take the unique identifier idea - which has been used notoriously to track people - and turn it on its head to provide privacy.

Comment The way to fight this (Score 5, Interesting) 580

So I can log into a terminal session on my home router. The router also supports blocking hosts by either IP address or by hostname. Somewhere on it those hosts must be in a config file, and I can probably just edit that file via a console. This means I can run a script. A script that can periodically check for an updated list of hosts to block. Either I or someone else can maintain such a list.

This list puts all their shit out of business. This is the way of the future then. I look forward to the new generation of broadband modems coming out to support blocklist technology exactly for this purpose: To block evil companies from spying on and tracking us.

My guess is, if the author were to carefully track this, that eventually it will be noticed that, following upcoming system updates to Windows, that the hosts he has listed will magically change and there will be new ones. Microsoft and its evil cohorts can easily shuffle around IP addresses in response to this. So running a blocklist filter on home broadband modems/routers is the way to go now for the future of privacy.

Comment Re:Excellent Idea! (Score 1) 42

A better thing would be to have a bait bike setup with secret cameras and touch sensors on easily-ripoffable parts like the lights and seatpost, and maybe GPS tracking devices in the components. Law enforcement have no shortage of cash to blow on all kinds of draconian shit, you would think they would spend a little pocket change to try to catch the rampant bike thieves in the city with something like that. But hell no.

Comment Re:Excellent Idea! (Score 1) 42

Off-street parking? Good luck even finding on-street bicycle racks. Mostly you end up having to lock to parking meters and street sign posts. Compared to Europe the situation is laughably inexcusable.

I wonder if a motion sensor would work though? It would mean no using dual bike racks or probably even being close to other racks where an adjacent bicyclist is likely to brush against it while locking their bike. In an urban environment that would rule out most racks. It would not be as good as an AI-based motion-detecting camera that was trained to recognize the patterns of meth head bike thieves trying to steal parts.

Comment Excellent Idea! (Score 0) 42

Excellent idea! An RFID tag on your vehicle (motor or pedaled) links it with whatever phone number you register it to, and then anyone can message you when necessary.

My bicycle is being constantly tampered with by meth heads in the city, and I think its long overdue that the places I frequent for business should provide this kind of service. Automatically send me a txt when the meth heads are trying to rip parts off it so I can go pepper spray them in the face since the city's law enforcement doesn't ever do squat.

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