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Comment: Re:Where does the Fed claim to get power to ban th (Score 1) 279

by execthis (#49803745) Attached to: Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbricht Sentenced To Life In Prison

I agree. The meaning of "regulate" reminds me of the marks drawn on Gothic cathedrals in Europe - where markets still take place to this day - which indicated the minimum length of loaves of bread that could be sold. In this sense, regulation is really for the purpose of facilitating commerce which often requires standards.

Comment: Re:Tolls? (Score 1) 827

by execthis (#49740871) Attached to: Oregon Testing Pay-Per-Mile Driving Fee To Replace Gas Tax

Put a chip in every vehicle and have vehicles ranked in grades according to wastefulness. Fuel tax is based on grade. Fuel pump receives signal from embedded chip in vehicle and automatically levies appropriate tax rate based on vehicle grade. Thus, driver of Hummer pays $20/gallon. Escalade $15/gallon. Prius $2/gallon. Etc.

Comment: Re:Not reduced enough, I guarantee it (Score 1) 66

I wholeheartedly agree. This has been an immense waste of, ultimately, consumers' money over what amounts to crap. I don't understand how that judge in the UK could have sided with Samsung yet in the US the court sided with Apple. I love what the UK judge said too about Samsung not being as "cool" as Apple. LOL.

Comment: Re:Fuck Apple (Score 1) 66

When Samsung's own lawyers were shown an iPhone and a Galaxy side-by-side, he could not tell them apart at a distance of 16 ft. thats pretty bad, don't you think?

No, because that's generally what small personal electronic devices look like.
Having square corners on them is kind of stupid idea and I don't think that patenting or claiming trade dress on something not being stupid is quite valid, much less innovative.
As for the first in not having a mechanical keyboard, whether that is true or not, that is just something that could be expected to be designed as devices evolve and model designs change. Laying some kind of "We got there first!" claim on something like that reeks of... greed.

Comment: Re:Disbar. (Score 1) 124

by execthis (#49722395) Attached to: Prenda's Old Copyright Trolls Are Suing People Again

I once met someone who was disabled and who boasted to me about his new found source of income working with a lawyer filing ADA lawsuits and collecting. I find it totally disgusting. I think this has also been in the local news about how a lot of little businesses are being shaken down by these grubby lawyers and can't afforded the exorbitant amounts of money. Most of these businesses had absolutely no clue that their store was in any violation before getting the crap sued out of them. No friendly warning given. Just sued and extorted.

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