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Comment Can't get dsl without it (Score 3, Insightful) 435

I can't get dsl where I am without subbing to a landline as well. A cable modem isn't really an option either since we have Directv and wouldn't qualify for any bundling deals from the cable company. If I could do dry line dsl I would in an instant, but I get to pay an extra $13/mo for my internet access instead.

Comment Re:GigaNews and $9.95 for unlimited! (Score 1) 345

Astraweb is heading for 365 as well. And there is another company called Highwinds that provides service via tons of resellers (usenetserver, newsdemon off the top of my head) and they are going for 400. But basically everyone will be in the same ballpark. Just that Giganews is almost twice as expensive as other places for the same service.

Comment Re:Sounds great... if you can justify the cost (Score 1) 118

Here's a dumb question though...on the features page listed above the dev only talks about 64 and 128 bit WEP. For years everyone has said, "Don't use WEP!" Do anyone feel unsafe using this program on their Windows Mobile phone because it doesn't support WPA?


Submission + - SlySoft wins again!

PhilLong writes: Fox Fail: A new version of BD+ appeared on some Fox Blu-ray titles that gave SlySoft AnyDVD-HD some trouble, today SlySoft announced that the work of BD+ developers have been in just as futile as those of those of all other efforts to hide the plaintext of a file from the intended recipient.
The Internet

War of Words Over Wikipedia Ads Continues 353

Willis W. writes "Wikipedia founder Jimbo Wales reiterates his opposition to advertising in response to reports that Wikipedia needs a major cash infusion. Responding to Jason Calacanis' charges that he 'has a fringe, anti-corporate bent to him' that is 'holding Wikipedia back,' Wales says that running ads on Wikipedia is not his decision to make. Though he personally dislikes the idea of advertising on Wikipedia, any decision to utilize ads would have to come from the community. At the moment, he won't rule anything out. 'I can't say if I would ever support something like that,' he tells Ars, 'but I can say that I currently maintain the same position I always have: I am opposed to it.'" What do you think Wikimedia should do to shore up the financial situation of the Wikipedia?

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