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Comment Re: Obligatory (Score 1) 662

I agree women aren't precious snowflakes, and I don't believe they ever where. My mother (born in the 50s) was clearly the dominant person out of her and my father. I believe that it is really up to the individual personalities, in the relationship.

The problem now is that seems that society seems to need to protect women from any offense. People getting offended by women on the street getting called beautiful. In Germany when refugees made sexual comments to women on the street, it was called sexual assault. They are just words, toughen up. Even if someone pinches your bottom, your life is not profoundly changed, you had an unpleasant experience for about 2 seconds. Pushing for it to be considered rape if a woman gets drunk and sleeps with someone she wouldn't normally. They chose to get drunk, they should have known that drinking lowers your inhibitions, they are an adult take the consequences of your actions.

Don't get me wrong, I think above things are rude, inconsiderate, and the person doing them is being a bit of a jerk. But they should not be the source of public outrage, or legal action.

Comment Re:One word (Score 1) 170

A pure democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner.

Generally in nature the sheep (prey) out number the wolves (predators) by a large number. This a necessity since you need a large population of sheep to support a few wolves. This the same with society most people need to work and produce stuff, for criminals to succeed, you can't have a society where everyone steals from everyone else and makes nothing, there would be nothing to steal.

The problem with a pure democracy is that we have millions of uninformed sheep that simply follow, voting, it is not efficient for everyone to be informed either, they have to get on with their jobs. That is why we have specialization.

Comment Re:One word (Score 1) 170

To me the purpose of voting is not necessarily to reflect the will of the people, in most cases most people are not that aware of most the issues involved, anyway. Think about it, you base your vote on very little, If you are well informed, and not influenced by looks, or background, the best you can do base you opinions on speeches written by someone else, and advertisement done by some marketing company. Once you vote a politician in, they are free to break promises that they have made. Sure they may not get elected net time, but they are free to do what they want for 1 term. You usually only get to choose between a few people.

To me the purpose of democracy is to reign in the power of politicians, Yes they may get to do want they want but it is only for one term, and there is a possibility (however unlikely) that the next government will punish them.

An intelligent, benevolent dictator might be the most effective leadership model, someone who does their best for the country even if it maybe unpopular. The problem ensuring that dictator is and stays benevolent.

Comment Re:The Bake Sale Model (Score 1) 285

I was quoted one price before and then presented with a bill for 5 times that later.

In that case only pay the original quote. I don't know about America, but for any contract in NZ there needs to be "a meeting of minds", that means both parties have to be aware of there obligations at the time contract was made. When you went in for the operation you where under the impression that it would cost "x" and it costs "5x" then you are under no obligation to pay. That is if you got a "quote" not an "estimate", but even then they should give you a cost per hour etc.

Of course if the quote is in writing you have a much better chance of winning.

Note I am not a lawyer.

Here is an article on American contract law:

Comment Re: Repeal and Replace. (Score 5, Interesting) 285

Actually Americans as a proportion of there GDP spend more on health (2013 17.1%) than any other country exception of Tuvalu (19.7%) and America is one of richest countries in the world, per person it only it spends more any other country than except Switzerland and Norway (they obviously have a higher GDP per capita) yet Americans life expectancy is ranked 34th, Norway 9th, Switzerland 2nd. Clearly Americans are spending just more to get a worse health care. So who is squandering their money? Insurance companies by definition take their cut, of health care spending, it is in there interest to keep health care cost high so that they can sell insurance in the first place.

Ref: , ,

These are not extreme cases at all, these are normal cases, people get sick, mostly through no predictable fault of their own. Yes people could save and plan for something happening, but with 11 out of 12 cancer drugs costing more than $100,000 per year ( The cost of a heart bypass surgery (which is not uncommon surgery) is $70,000-$200,000 without insurance, the main contributing factor to heart disease is genetics. Even the most fugal saver on an average income would probably be ruined by these expenses. This is not the cost of a luxury goods, unless you mean a Ferrari, and staying alive is not a luxury, it is by definition a necessity.

Providing health care to the poor, benefits everyone, rich included. Having a population with lots of unhealthy people can infect the rich as well, a virus does not look at the size of your bank balance before infecting you.

Comment Re:Heads I win... (Score 1) 138

You are dreaming, if make they make any significant loses because of a bug, they will not just go to the government and say look this will ruin the economy, you HAVE to fix this, and the government won't do it.

You really think you can defend yourself against case from, one of these corporations, you will be bankrupt before even see a court, A class action suit wouldn't apply since it would be them initiating the case.

Comment Re:A Taste of Armaggeddon? (Score 4, Insightful) 138

Computers, may trade faster, smarter, whatever, the question is do they actually add any real value to the economy, or just skim off the top from the actual people that produce the goods and services. I think it is the latter, like human stock brokers, but much better at it. Do we really need a better parasite?

Comment Re:You want to cheat on your wife? (Score 1) 228

Have you, or anyone (or organization) you know actually collected the statistics between the correlation of cheating on a spouse and cheating their employers. I assure you insurance companies have, those statistics for traffic accidents. There is a big difference between making some random assertion and actually having some real proof to back it up.

Comment Re: You want to cheat on your wife? (Score 2) 228

I have a question? If you are married and your partner refuses to have sex with you on a regular basis, or uses sex to get you to do things for them, are they in violation of that contract? Since you cannot go to someone for that service.

This is nonsense, you cannot force someone to love you, or find you attractive, no matter what the law says. That is the real reason that adultery is bad, because it hurts the other person, it shows that you do not love them, and that hurts. The reason it is not enforced in Virgina is it would be ridiculous to do so.

Comment Re:He's not wrong (Score 1) 235

Not sure what you mean here, if person A wants C to happen, and person B wants does not want C to happen, how can you have a society where both A and B get what they want?

And you are right I don't probably don't want that society since I stated before:

As a side note I personally wouldn't like to live in a world where the are no problems, everything get all that they want, how boring, what would you have to live for. That would not be my definition of a perfect world.

Comment Re:He's not wrong (Score 1) 235

No it doesn't are descendants will be warped to an unimaginable degree, if we survive long enough.

I think we actually agree, in our given state we cannot, we will need to change, for me change is the only certainty in the universe, even if the universe stopped changing that would be a change. I do not know by how much we need to change to live in a perfect world, but we should strive to make our world better bit by bit, and eventually we may get there, if there is such a thing as a perfect world, but at least we may live in a better world.

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