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by ewibble (#47770219) Attached to: Limiting the Teaching of the Scientific Process In Ohio

That would be all well and good if it was true but actually having great disparity between winners and losers everybody is worse off even the winners.

There is a talk here if you want skip to the relevant section it starts at about 11:06


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by ewibble (#47697787) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Would You Pay For Websites Without Trolls?

sigh, you do realize you're an anti-religious troll right? The worlds religions aren't the issue, extremists are, extremists don't need religion to be extremists, its just a convenient twist on the work done by someone else for their own personal gain.

and that is the problem with banning trolls, Extremists aren't trolls they are people that disagree enough with you, that you consider their opinion extreme. People who considered women should have the right to vote where probably considered extremists a one point.

Trolls are people who make comments, who's purpose is meant to invoke an emotional response. when he says:

You've just described the teaching methods of the world's most popular religions, so I guess all those folks are out.

If he is expressing his true belief then he is not a troll, if he is just doing to to annoy religious people then he is.

I personally like having people disagree with me, it makes for much more interesting discussions than with people who agree with me.

Once you introduce moderation, you are likely to remove peoples opinions that you strongly disagree with as well. I would rather have a few idiots posting stupid comments, which I can choose to ignore, and keep strongly opposing views. My life won't be significantly effected if someone I don't know insults me, or my beliefs, and if it does significantly effect someone's life I think they had bigger issues to start with.

It maybe society as a whole has a problem that we are creating so many people who have so little self esteem.

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Why should it be a % of the money under management is $200 somehow twice as hard to manage as $100, or do they guarantee your money so if they lose it they will pay you back? No, so the risk is all yours.

You may say $1,000,000,000 is harder than managing $100, not sure but if it is, is it 10,000,000 times harder? Its interesting since they fund managers tend to under perform the market, so they are worse than just blindly picking stock.

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I agree IBM will charge whatever they can get away with, but they are competing with other companies with bad employees as well, wastefulness effects everyone no matter if it is private or public. High labour costs will be used to justify high prices if they can, we are not functioning in a market with perfect competition. Your under the false assumption that the only way for IBM to remove a efficient competitor is though price, it isn't they can file patents to remove competition, advertise, buy it out, change legislation, ....

Anyway the patent office is probably/should be funded by filing fees, should that excuse them, no.

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The problem with this scheme is that if your computer is compromised, then an attacker can access all your passwords once you enter the decryption key. I don't think biometrics can actually decrypt stuff though since each scan is slightly different.

I think the best way is to have a hardware key (e.g. usb stick) that does a challenge response, with public/private keys, that never actually gives out the key to anyone, not even the computer you are on. In order to activate it you need to do something physical on that stick, e.g. press a button, or scan a finger print if you want for added security.

You can easily change your password, get a new key. (you could just make the device have a write only private key but you would have to be careful that a virus can't write a known key to the device)
You can give out your public key to multiple servers and know that they are not doing something stupid/bad with it. How do you know that people are not storing your password in clear text on the database?
You can have multiple keys, for different security levels, or simply because you don't want to be tracked.
Some could still steal the key but that is a physical act, and you would most likely eventually notice.

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I don't think serviscope_minor implied that either, he just said its hardly news that either a private sector or public sector employees slack off, they both do. You can argue that we all pay taxes so we should care more however if you buy the product you may also pay higher prices for products. Of course people should care that this is happening, and it should be addressed, all serviscope_minor implied is that it wasn't a problem specific to the public sector. I think its more big vs small, or little buget vs big buget. e.g., you can't tell me there wasn't a bit of waste there.

I actually think the reason that this is important is not private/public sector but due to the consequences of bad work. If a patent office employ grants a bad patient it effectively blocks the rest of the world from using that knowledge, without a costly, and long legal battle. That is a massive cost to the world. Where the Xbox one controller, so what it really only effects microsoft.

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well you still get to eat the cheese AKA the movie. It is ambiguous if you get to eat the crackers, the crackers may only be for display purpose, or you might be standing on them. It is just that you know crackers are edible so you are assuming you can eat them too, standing on them is not a normal thing to do. Eat cheese on plates you would assume that you are not actually eating the plate.

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That maybe true, but the opposite maybe also be true, if you keep talking about it saying how bad it is, it may encourage people to do it as well.

What ever you do don't push that button, you may not have even thought about pushing that button, but the moment someone tells you not to, you want to.

I don't know how much each effect influences us, I would love to see some studies on adults of reverse physiology adults. I know it works very well in children.

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by ewibble (#47616601) Attached to: 40% Of People On Terror Watch List Have No Terrorist Ties

"they have No Terrorist Ties", doesn't mean they shouldn't be monitored, If I say "I want to blow up the white house", as far as I know, I have never met a member of a terrorist organization, its not like they go around with a badge saying terrorist, I have no terrorist ties but I have acted in a way that may make me a suspect. On the other hand just because my ex-partners boyfriend's cousin, is a suspected terrorist doesn't me I am likely to be one, even though I have "ties" whatever that means.

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But there is no malicious intent to throw everyone into prison.

They have no desire to throw you imprison, unless you are a threat to their job security/power or you disagree with the way they are running the country.

From their point of view they have a benevolent intent to throw you in prison.

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2 things:

Lets further assume that the hash functions are ideal "random oracles".

seems like a flawed assumption do you have evidence of this being true, just because its hash and generates a number that appears random doesn't mean it is. If it wasn't random then that could massively impact the numbers.

silly example: hash(x) = 1, the 1 is 128 bits, I'm dumb, so I can't see the pattern there

The calculation is incorrect as well (I am not saying the chances are not minute, I haven't done the calculation).
1 if 2^33 people had 2^17 files that would be 2^50 not 2^40 (assume all are unique which of course they wouldn't be there would be loads of duplicates)

the calculation should go like this 1 - (1/2^128)^2^50*(2^128*(2^128-1)*...*2^78) (Birthday problem)

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