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Comment Re: Bring-on the Apple haters (Score 1) 92

How do you think you perform the jailbreak? Oh right you use an exploit. I remember the iPhone 3G had a website called let me jailbreak that for you. As for vl permissions, there is appops in android but you'll need to root to use it. At least 'till Android M is released.

Comment Re: The larger question: (Score 1) 610

Manufacturing process has bearing on firmware is flashed to an EEPROM.

SSDs do not optimize for small frequent writes as a) the blocks a strictly limited number leveltimes, fancy wear levelling algorithms must calculate where actually put each write. b) to write a block already containing data a slow erase operation has to happen first and all data in that block gets erased. what SSDs do optimise for is lots of reads. Finally most other manufactures already included in their laptops for the, Apple was quite late to that party.

Comment Re:Option: Linksys WRT1900ac (Score 2) 427

The open source firmware does not run on the WRT1900ac yet as there are issues in the wireless drivers.

To the questioner though, I recomend 802.11ac over 802.11n. Myself I'm using ASUS RT-68Us for my network, good hardware and the stock firmware is actually pretty good but they support openwrt tomato and dd-wrt too. There is also a NETGEAR box it that that has better hardware and supports the open source firmware but apparently the stock firmware is pretty bad. However compared to WRT54-GLs these routers are about twice the price.

Comment Re: Why in America? (Score 1) 155

If we are telling about the same incident involving a NYPD helicopter as I think we are, I believe the NYPD is being asked some serious questions over their involvement, seems to me both sides were likely breaking the law. I believe all the regulations state that one should not endanger other air traffic, which means both sides should give way, similar rules exist for boats where all craft must do what they can to avoid an incident.

As for the Phantom 2 flying near airfeilds, it carries onboard a database of airfields coordinates and used this to enforce strict limits on altitude around those coordinates (including a no fly zones altogether). This is actually an issue I'm the UK were you can get a commercial licence to operate unmanned aircraft and it's registered to a specific aircraft with proficiency test on operation of that aircraft being done at an airfield.

Comment Re: Why? (Score 1) 123

For the sake of security then we shouldn't be allowing the browser to run any remotely fetched code, whether it is high level or low level is irrelevant. Fundamentally it is a form of remote code execution fire both JavaScript and c/c++. If you are going to allow it, the chrome team has come up with a good method to make it as secure as possible running all such code in a managed sandbox environment with extremely limited APIs.

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