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Comment: I want a REAL kindle killer (Score 1) 321

by evilad (#47110257) Attached to: I Want a Kindle Killer

I've owned several e-readers, and I love them for what they are -- a book replacement. For me it's all about having a high contrast, readable screen with excellent battery life, and e-ink instead of any kind of light-emitting display. I've used one each of a Sony, Kindle, and Kobo.

In every case, I've loved the hardware, but the software drives me insane.

Mostly I want all my reader software to talk to Calibre (or some other central database) to sync the last page read, keep notes on which books I've read and when, and to record my star ratings. But it would be nice if the reader's "library" screen made good use of the screen to allow me to navigate through my books.

Comment: Re:Start button? (Score 2) 172

The worst thing about the hiDPI support is that they clearly *thought* about multi-monitor mixed-DPI support, and then utterly failed in execution. The "let me choose different DPIs for different screens" is so horribly broken that I can't even tell how it's supposed to work.

Comment: Re:You are the reason things are expensive (Score 1) 266

by evilad (#40773993) Attached to: Budget 27" IPS Displays From Korea Are For Real

You neglect the fact that the manual was probably never rewritten in English. A machine-translation isn't necessarily comprehensible by even a technically literate English-speaker. EG, the installer's guide for my heat pump, which ambiguously instructs one to connect the 220V power lines to the 5VDC control input.

Comment: CFIT vs loss of control (Score 1, Redundant) 237

by evilad (#38939849) Attached to: The Engineer Who Stopped Airplanes From Flying Into Mountains

CFIT is nowhere near the leading cause of fatal accidents in general aviation.

It's pretty hard to find statistics for combined civil aviation, please post a link if you can find one.

Comment: Re:I'd be open to it, but good luck with everyone (Score 1) 430

by evilad (#35499204) Attached to: Robert X Cringely Predicts More Mininuke Plants

A "minor" release (and don't state it like it's a fact just yet) from an earthquake more powerful than design criteria does not make me think "Nuclear Power is Safe" nor even "Nuclear Power is Unsafe." It makes me question the design assumptions. Never mind what was known at the time. With benefit of hindsight, the design assumptions were clearly wrong.

So. Given what we know now, is it a correct assumption to pay the extra required, such that at-risk plants be designed to tolerate common-cause failures devolving from a magnitude 9.0 quake and related tsunami? That's really one for risk analysis economists to decide, but the consequences of failure are so unbelievably expensive, that my knee-jerk assumption suggests that it is not. The big problem is that the consequences are so expensive that they cannot be other than mostly externalized.

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