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Comment Extreme snow storms is global warming (Score 1) 637

Extreme snow storms is one expected side effect of global warming. So, you can consider them as proof of warming occurring.

The reason is pretty simple, there is more moisture contained in warmer air. So, when it gets hit with a cold blast there is a lot more snow dumped as a result.

Comment Toxins (Score 1) 97

One thing that is well known is that shit like toxic heavy metals, that can circulate indefinitely in the body, tend to be safely captured by body fat and thereby stop being harmful for the duration of entrapment.

Conversely, one can surmise, that such toxins will continue their destructive process if there is little fat to trap them in.

Comment Re:not just unlikely, completely avoidable. (Score 1) 70

Stuxnet did, of course, use autorun - A so called feature that was a glaring hole the day it was introduced. I can't believe autorun actually persisted beyond a year or so.

Early viruses lived by being run from floppies. Most embedded themselves in other executables but in the case of the Amiga, it's early firmwares had a bug that would run a particular named file from any floppy inserted instead of from the boot drive in order to validate the disc.

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