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Comment: Fusion hasn't warranted the spend (Score 1) 608

by evanh (#46837201) Attached to: Are Habitable Exoplanets Bad News For Humanity?

Because it's such a big undertaking, nobody, until recently, has ever even tried to get fusion to work at the scale required to prove it.

The cost meant it was easier just to put off till later.

Fission's got a number of issues but the biggest by far is stupidity of designing and building inherently unstably reactors. And then continuing to use them without fixing the problem!

Again, it comes back to the bean counters. When the spend is warranted, then they'll act. If the cost of disposing of the old fission reactors/fuel and rebuilding with new inherently stable designs can be shown to be cheaper than leaving the existing ones in place then it'll happen. This situation is a good example of why to get it right first time around.

For the time being, sadly, fossil fuels are cheaper. Hence the drive to start accounting for the cost of pumping so much carbon into the atmosphere.

Comment: Ghostery *is* a natural response (Score 1) 52

by evanh (#46430813) Attached to: Snowden's NSA Leaks Gave IETF a Needed Security Wake-up Call

Ghostery turns the tables just like Mega turns the tables. It's tells advertisers what we really think of their methods by adding a usable opt-in layer to their supposed opt-out. The difference here is the advertising industry is happy to pay for that knowledge.

Also, no speed problems with NoScript doing it's thing. Most web pages get bogged down on useless scripts and flash videos.

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