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Comment: Re:Adobe complaining about bloat? (Score 3, Interesting) 477 477

Other than that, I think there are many good usability ideas in smartphone/tablet GUIs which ought to be brought to the desktop. Not the stupid stuff like making a desktop UI look like it was intended to be used with a touchscreen, but doing away with all the superfluous confirmation dialogs. An application should not ask you whether "you really want to quit" you already told it that - instead it should make sure that when you quit nothing bad happens. If you were working on a document but didn't save that yet - then just keep the working copy when the program is closed.

Blender 3D has been doing this for years and the complaints about a missing quit dialog never seem to stop.

Comment: Re:Ubuntu this and Ubuntu that (Score 1) 225 225

Most likely there were no drivers that complied with the debian free software guidelines. This isn't a problem for Ubuntu (and in turn mint) thanks to it being backed by Canonical, but as a more independent project it's considered too risky to include such non-free drivers in debian. It's a trivial problem to work around most of the time, but it has annoyed me in the past, just not enough to switch distros.

Comment: What I really want to know.. (Score 1) 233 233

Who decided to build supposedly mission critical software as web apps to begin with, especially ones that only work in old versions of IE? It seems to defeat the whole purpose of using web apps in the first place (which I can't say I've ever understood the appeal of anyway).

Comment: Re:lolwut? (Score 1) 510 510

You do know that the web and the internet aren't the same thing, right? The web was never really supposed to be "more then a bunch of bullet pointed lists." We have/had other protocols for communications. You know, not http. Why don't people use those anymore? Why does everything have to be poorly reimplemented as a web application that never works the same across different browsers and sites?

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