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Comment: Re:4 lines of JS... (Score 5, Informative) 127 127

Yes, disabling JavaScript stops the paywall, so does disabling cookies or referrer spoofing. The only reason the media cares about my hack is the narrative of "3 lines of code over my lunch break" is more interesting than "the paywall doesn't work with certain browser settings".

Comment: Re:Pay Hedge (Score 3, Interesting) 127 127

Agreed, the price comparison the NYT used was "$15, less that the price of a martini in Manhattan," they aren't targeting people who are willing to twiddle with their browsers, they. (I tried to say as much on my 3 minutes on NPR this morning when they asked me about this)

Comment: Re:Two changes that could've been made (Score 1) 852 852

And who knows what they would've been able to trade for food (which is the standard model for an expedition landing in a less technologically advanced area). At an antelope for a metal bar, they could survive quite a while (try building metal bars with Y-150K technology).

Comment: Re:Two changes that could've been made (Score 1) 852 852

> though easier at the end of the series than the begining

That bothered me too, my best explanation is that the Marines would normally have police-style bullets (slower, emphasis on not ricocheting) to put down mutinies on an aircraft carrier. As the show progressed (especially after meeting Pegasus) they could be replaced with armour piercing bullets when needed.

Comment: Re:What about the production? (Score 1) 553 553

I used to live a short walk from downtown in a Chinese town of several million, and one day my walk to work was blocked because a donkey cart spilled and covered the dirt road. One building I worked in had no running water, a bowl in each room was filled with water carried by hand. This was 3 years ago, everyone had cellphones and plastic shopping bags were slowly covering the entire countryside.

90% of China is so different from the west that comparing city sizes is near-pointless.

Comment: Re:Wrong bulbs (Score 1) 553 553

I had a similar problem, the first "daylight" bulb in 2007 (from is far and away the most glorious bulb in the house (and it comes on instantly). The 3 "daylight" bulbs I got in 2008 from different companies were uniformly cruddy.

I wonder if the me-too vendors of crappy lightbulbs caught on that "daylight" was a word without a clear definition that would confuse people.

Comment: Re:Why is this news? (Score 1) 904 904

I think the key (at least in the public example) is how much good is done by the action. Even if you are offended by public nudity, you'd make an exception to allow a paramedic to rip off a woman's shirt to stop bleeding from a gunshot wound.

And I imagine most people agree that the nutritional needs of babies come above the emotional needs of occasional uber-prudes.

Not that any of that applies to the facebook example.

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