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Comment: Re:Why not? (Score 1) 236

by eulernet (#46732303) Attached to: GM Names Names, Suspends Two Engineers Over Ignition-Switch Safety

Let's suppose that you have an interview for on a software project where human lives are at stake.
You learn that if you make a mistake, your name will be published everywhere, and your career will be ruined.
Will you take this job ?

If you take the job:
1) do you believe that you'll accept a normal pay to work on this job ? Do you believe the company will give you a high salary ?
2) do you believe that you'll be able to deliver easily, especially if you have troubles with your emotions ?
3) do you realize that a lethal bug can take months to be found ? Do you believe that you'll put enough unit tests in your code ? Do you think that you'll write a lot of code ?

This problem has been solved by surgeons
1) they have a big salary
2) they know that they can fail and kill a human, so they are peer-reviewed and never operate people they are emotionally attached with.
3) when they fail, they have an instant feedback, so they can improve their process immediately

Finally, they make you sign a lot of papers, just in case there might be a failure.
And any operation becomes extremely expensive !

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by eulernet (#46658931) Attached to: Start-Up Founders On Dealing With Depression

I meant: are you able to do nothing ?

I believe that you identify yourself too much with your actions.
When you don't produce anything, you feel empty and that's the cause of your depression.
But it's not really depression, it's just a fear of emptiness.
Being very active will not solve this emptiness, it just exacerbates it.

Comment: Re:Why VR sucks, except for games (Score 1) 232

I don't agree.
I think that VR is most suited for watching 3D movies (especially 3D rides), chatting with your friends and probably watching porn.

This is not a joke !
VR is a nausea device: when you move, you are disorientated because the visual signal is different from your internal sense of balance (in the ears).
Also moving hands is tiring (trying keeping your hands up during 15 minutes, and you'll see what I mean), a joypad is a much better device to reduce waste on movements.

When I tested VR 15 years ago, people were trying to create a virtual reality, with gravity similar to Earth, but it was not fun at all.

So far, everything done with VR was underwhelming.
Perhaps there will be some interesting ideas, but this device is really inefficient for gaming.

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by eulernet (#46464813) Attached to: How Do You Backup 20TB of Data?

Let's suppose you have 200+ movies. I very much doubt that you need to have instant access to them, since you'll probably watch them only once.

Why don't you just burn what has not been used since a long time on DVD, and then catalog your DVDs ?
If you have 4GB DVD, simply subdivide your data in 4GB folders, and burn at least one every day.
If you fear that your DVDs vanish, burn everything twice and store them at different places.

1) you can probably reduce the 20TB to less than 5 TB that you need at any moment. Use the saved space to mirror your data
2) doing backups frequently is a good habit that'll be useful in the future
3) doing some cleaning will help you categorize your collection

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by eulernet (#46424765) Attached to: New Mozilla Encoder Improves JPEG Compression

Because the sites using lots of images tend to also use lots of Javascript.

I don't see why I should upgrade my computer to be able to browser the web.
The worst sites I browsed tend to put pictures everywhere, even (and especially) when unnecessary.

And don't make me laugh with the "experience" of the web.
Why do you think the simple Google search won over the "portal" search of Yahoo ?
Has simplicity become so irrelevant ?

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by eulernet (#46423855) Attached to: New Mozilla Encoder Improves JPEG Compression

Because you are not only one in this world, you are probably in the 0.01 percentile of fast connections.

A lot of people like me have slow connections, so I *hate* big images, and particularly sites which put images everywhere.
I'm in a rural region, so I don't expect a faster connection anytime soon. And moving is not an option either.

There is a proverb that says that a picture is worth a thousand words, but it's not true with the Internet.

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Sure, there are some benefits using marijuana, but if it's useful only for a few terminally ill people and dangerous for most normal people

Far less so than alcohol.

I'm not so sure. They are both bad. They are also not comparable.
For example, I'm sure that guns are more dangerous than alcohol, so I can always find something more harmful.

Regulated? In most places, it's outright illegal.
But hey, isn't the US supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave?

I'm not from US, but why do you use the "I want to be free" argument to allow anybody do everything what they want ?
I understand that you believe that your government goes against you (and I don't disagree with the fact that stupid laws waste lots of money), but you have to realize that not everybody is a balanced adult.
People tend to do stupid things with their body, and laws are here to reduce the various means to harm oneself.
Of course, regulating everything is stupid, but I guess we are now in a time where people believe that if it's not in the law, then it's legal.

Makes me wonder if you ignore history in favor of your pro-government nonsense. Isn't it about time for you to be molested by your precious government thugs at the nearest airport?

Nope, I'm from France, and I don't understand why you are so US-centric.
It's science, not politics !

Comment: Re:The fed killed drug research for decades. (Score -1) 221

Wow, you omit all the drawbacks of using drugs, like schizophrenia, beliefs of conspiracy, fascination about death (leading to suicide), divided attention (leading to accidents), etc...

Sure, there are some benefits using marijuana, but if it's useful only for a few terminally ill people and dangerous for most normal people, I understand why it's regulated.
Personally, I believe that the benefits you list can be achieved with relaxation, which will not create an addiction.

This sentence:
>But the federal government decided to suppress it
makes me wonder if you have the symptoms of "belief of conspiracy".

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by eulernet (#46404615) Attached to: Child Porn Arrest For Cameron Aide Who Helped Plan UK Net Filters

Ok, I see why you understand a little bit the process.

I'm following Advaita Vedanta's teachings (non-duality, even though I don't believe in God and never met another advaitin), so I would recommend that you read "Who Am I" or "Ellam Ondre", which explain what is reality (it's easy to read).

In short: there is nothing innate, everything is acquired, as soon as the sense "I" appears. When does it appear ? What existed before this sense ?

In fact, as you said, everything is a construction of the mind.
The Advaita approach is: what is the mind ? I. Then, what is "I" ? And then, we eliminate the false perceptions (I've a body, but I'm not this body, I've a mind but I'm not this mind, etc.).

Once you start this process, you realize that good and evil were relative perceptions, and that morality was also relative.
What is not relative ?

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4) could also happen when you have been abused (or witnessed abuse) during your childhood.
Abuse can be any kind of traumatic event, even the most "innocuous" ones, like public shaming, ot when one of your parents suffers from a situation.

I'm a meditator, so all these processes are completely obvious and clear for me, since I witness them every day.
But even with the attitude of witness, I'm still sometimes a puppet of my own thoughts, so I believe that for untrained people, it's even harder.

About good and evil, believe me, good and evil are not innate, they are taught unconsciously, since our brain functions by analogy, or associations if you prefer.
For example, fear of altitudes, or vertigo, can be triggered by something totally unrelated to altitude (it's the same process as good and evil).

If something shocks us, it means that it hurts one of our self-identifications (you can call that our balance of good and evil).
It's really hard to understand which self-identification collides with the facts, and in my opinion, it's useless to explore, since there is no end to this exploration.

About intrusive thoughts (I didn't know this term), it's a normal process.
The real problem is that we associate our thoughts with ourselves, so when we have such thoughts, we tend to believe that we are wicked.
It's difficult to accept that these thoughts are independent from us (especially if you have a high IQ like I do, I believed that I was in control of my thoughts), so they give you a feeling of guilt.
Guilt disappears when you start searching from where the thoughts appear (yes, I'm meditating on this question, but didn't get an answer yet).

Comment: Re:The world is more complex than that. (Score 1) 205

by eulernet (#46401075) Attached to: Child Porn Arrest For Cameron Aide Who Helped Plan UK Net Filters

In fact, I said that there was a strong probability and no certainty, but you may be right.

I'm not fond of psychology, since psychology tends to consider the subject from an external point of view.

I'd like to describe the inner mental process.

Let's suppose a sexual thought passes through my mind.
I have the following cases:
1) I can find this normal (my libido can sometimes be very awkward), so I'll just let it pass without doing anything ("healthy" thinkers use this approach).
2) I can be shocked by this thought, so I'll refuse it. This is the first step to create obsession (thinkers that have been taught about good and evil tend to use this approach).
3) I can find this thought familiar, I'll tell to myself: "since I'm thinking frequently about that, I'd like to try", which is the first step to act (obsessive thinkers tend to use this approach)
4) I can have no moral barrier and can try it (psychopaths tend to use this approach)

You can see the progression in thinking.
I'm not sure how you pass from one level to another, but it's basically what happens.

Comment: Re:The world is more complex than that. (Score 3, Interesting) 205

by eulernet (#46399369) Attached to: Child Porn Arrest For Cameron Aide Who Helped Plan UK Net Filters

"I defy you to find the victim in that".

Easy: with a strong probability, the viewer itself has been a victim (or witness) of sexual abuse in his past.

In fact, the inner mechanisms are very simple:

1) thinking about something reinforces it. As long as I think about something, I reinforce it. Some people tend to be obsessed because they think about traumatic events for a long time.
2) expressing something attenuates it. For example, if I had an happy moment in my life, sharing it will reduce its impact.
Similarly, if I had a traumatic experience, expressing it will reduce the pain.
Expression can be done orally, manually or any indirect way you can imagine (even pottery !).

These 2 points are the basis for psychoanalysis and confession.

The real question is: since expressing something tends to attenuate it, why do some people act ?
Well, it really depends on your tendency to believe in your thoughts.
If you fantasize your thoughts (or give them some credit), then you'll probably act. Collectors are in this category (even though their behavior seem safe).
It's really difficult to find a pattern, but it's detectable in real people.

And one last useful trick:
people who feel guilty about their perversion tend to moralize others against their own obsession.
For example, this is why J. Edgar Hoover was against homosexuals and black people, or why the most vocal people for fidelity tend to be unfaithful.

This is also why the strongest promoters of anti-child porn are probably the most obsessed by that.
It's a clever way to detect obsessions in other people: check what moral values they promote, and realize that they feel guilty about their own thoughts.

When someone says "I want a programming language in which I need only say what I wish done," give him a lollipop.