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Comment Re:Somebody Tell Tony Abbott about Moore's Law (Score 1) 258

Down here in Oz we are already way down the list in terms of speeds, uptake and prices... If Libs and Abott get in power and scrap NBN (they are good at selling public assets off, they have had plenty of practice), we are definitely consigned to being an internet banana republic...

Comment All dressed up but nowhere to go... (Score 1) 168

What's the point of a chipset capable of 1080p playback if it cannot drive a 1080p screen? Fair enough you won't have a 1920x1080 resolution screen in your phone or tablet device (not yet) but I for one wouldn't mind being able to connect my new 1080p capable device to a TV or monitor to playback 1080p at proper resolution.

Comment Re:The problem with an OLED e-reader is the E. (Score 1) 118

Being reflective or emitting has nothing to do with use of e-ink in e-readers. Main advantage of e-ink displays is that they only draw power when the display is updated, they don't consume any power to maintain the image unlike LCD or OLED displays which makes them a lot more power-efficient. However with every e-ink display having a mechanical component (little ink particles are moved around by electric fields) their refresh rate is relatively slow in comparison to an LCD or OLED which makes them unsuitable as a general purpose computer display. Since e-reader display mostly static content (text, no animation) an e-ink display is perfect for that purpose, offering much lower power consumption.

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