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Comment: Re:O'rly? No wai! (Score 2) 201

by eudaemon (#45357181) Attached to: Protect Your Android Phone By Killing All Its Crapware
Even my venerable Nexus One had to be rooted to remove the twitter and facebook apks and that was a stock phone straight from google play. No crapware that I noticed on the Nexus 4, so at least that's alright. But it's nearly impossible to exit the Google ecosystem entirely and use an android phone.

Comment: Re:OpenBSD Rocks. (Score 1) 102

by eudaemon (#45312561) Attached to: OpenBSD 5.4 Released
Well you can find out for yourself at the OpenBSD home page, which explains their approach to security: OpenBSD is definitely an educate yourself then ask questions sort of OS. I'm not slagging on you, just saying it makes more sense for me to post a link than try to recreate the contents of the webpage it goes to. Check it out. Decide for yourself.

Comment: Re:Nice rant but missed the point. (Score 3, Interesting) 248

by eudaemon (#44653941) Attached to: How Companies Are Preparing For the IT Workforce Exodus
First this is just a marketing fluff piece by some recruiter wherein he shares his fantasy that for some reason companies will lay off or let retire great swathes of workforce, and then for no discernible reason hire them back through modis so they can take a 33% passthrough cut.

Second , I hear you about contracting vs full-time. It took the .com bust combined with a down-swing in energy to force me out of a contracting for the first time since 1900. But, where I work now also doesn't keep contractors on more than a year and doesn't do business with any but a short list of large shops, all of whom want entirely too much dosh for a 1099 passthrough. So again, this guy is talking out his backside if he thinks there's suddenly going to be a sea of contracting jobs. We don't hire contractors unless we have to just because of the one year limitation. It's not enough time to teach people complex systems, get them productive and reap the benefits.

Comment: Ugh, GV is a failure (Score 1) 172

by eudaemon (#44101449) Attached to: Is Google Voice Doomed To Be 2nd-Class Messaging System?
I am an avid consumer of most google products. But Google Voice is just too unreliable to merit serious consideration. My texts randomly show up 12, 16, 18 hours later with no rhyme or reason. Sometimes it's when I restart my phone, switch between wifi and the network, sometimes it's just because. Plus the failure to support MMS except in limited circumstances.

Comment: Re:reclaim their original battery? (Score 1) 377

by eudaemon (#44070395) Attached to: Tesla To Build Its Own Battery-Swap Stations
Sure, if there's as many people driving Teslas as driving every other car model combined. You've just doubled the amount of traffic on the road and sold as many Teslas as every other kind of car as well in your effort to create a strawman. You're also completely ignoring the fact that Tesla have the opportunity to charge these packs ahead of time, flattening out your tenuously arrived upon peak demand. What a wonderful town you must live in where everyone can afford not only a second car, but a Tesla at that! In the real world - where of the 80,000 people in your area on average 800 could *afford* a Tesla and of those perhaps 10% would choose to buy one, I don't really see a charging station holding 8 battery packs on hand for all 8 owners in your town as an issue, do you?

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