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Comment Re:Thanks GoPro, I'll check out the Sony (Score 2) 232

I think Sony is not an improvement in terms of supporting evil. It could be argued that their divisions have little to do with each other, and the evils of Sony Music (rootkits, etc.) or Sony Computer Entertainment (playstation, dropping promised linux support, exposing customers with disregard for security), or any other scandals shouldn't reflect on their cameras. But, I think similar mentality seems fairly consistent through their corporate culture. I've written Sony off entirely.

for a comparable alternative, I have a couple of Contour cameras I've been quite happy with.

Comment Re:S.M.A.R.T. (Score 1) 297

SMART is good for telling you when your drives do have problems that need addressing. it's not so great for giving you assurance that your drives do not have problems - consider a positive smart result to be more of an "I don't know" than a "good". you should generally assume your drives can fail at any time. I don't think there's any way to reliably predict the sudden death of a drive.

Comment Re:"I do not consent to a search." (Score 5, Insightful) 1059

"I do not consent to a search."

"Why are you detaining "Why are you detaining me?"

"Am I under arrest?"

"Am I free to go?"

that first one is really important and may be overlooked due to hiding in the subject line (I do not understand the tendency of people here to start typing in the subject and then continue in the body)

Comment mirror? (Score 1) 108

It seems rather silly to go from battery discharge -> LCD -> recover the light in a photovoltiac -> charge the battery, with some loss of efficiency at all steps. Isn't there reflective stuff behind there to make it so all the light goes where it's needed, and only enough power is supplied to the LCD to make it sufficiently visible?

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