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Comment It has to be Steve Rogers (Score 2) 300 300

As was noted in The Last Avengers Story; superheroes have morals, but supervillains have a work ethic. The only exception in the Marvel universe is Captain America. When the shits hits the fan, you can't afford narcissism or alcoholism or any of the other flaws present in the rest of the Avengers.

In a real crisis, you need clarity, leadership, and a plan. And that's what Steve Rogers brought to the table, every time. No one catches the Cap'n with his pants down.

He was always the best of them. He didn't need superpowers or any sort of offensive weaponry. His only weapon was a shield, wielded at the absolute peak of human potential. No one could approach Steve Rogers' tactical awareness in a combat situation, not even Tony Stark with all of his gadgetry. He was and is a true role model, a natural leader - everything that all men aspire to become.

Thor can go fuck himself with that hammer. Captain America is the pound for pound champ.

Comment Re:take a look at zfs (Score 1) 207 207

Actually, given the X25-M's lack of TRIM support, using a log-structured filesystem, a write-anywhere filesystem, or a copy-on-write type system is actually a really bad use of the X25-M, since the X25-M will think the entire disk is in use. The X25-M is actually implemented to optimize for filesystems that reuse blocks as much as possible, since it is internally doing the equivalent of a log-structured filesystem to do wear leveling.

Interesting. My understanding is that HFS+ meets these requirements pretty well - would the X25-M be a good choice for a Macintosh system?

Comment Re:Poetic justice? (Score 1) 689 689

Yes, stringing them up would be a simplistic, brutal reversion to the dark ages. But maybe that is the point? These people undermined the law itself, and I believe that is as serious as treason. While I would not sentence them to death myself, I wouldn't shed a tear if their heads ended up on spikes outside the county court.

Yup, that is the point. To put it simply: fuck these people. They imprisoned children for profit . Hang 'em.

Comment Re:Poetic justice? (Score 1) 689 689

And that will undo everything, will it? All those kids will be A-OK again?

Nope. It won't undo anything. But it'll make me feel way better. And the next time a judge thinks about pulling some shit like this, maybe he'll recall this guy hanging from his neck until dead.

Comment Re:How could 63% of people be wrong? (Score 1) 562 562

That answer does not address the question. The question asked for a specific "serious economist or capitalist", not a generic "school." Is there a specific person representing this "Austrian school" who is quoted in a reliable source as saying that no action was a valid alternative?

Peter Schiff is an adherent to Austrian economics, the president of Euro Pacific Capital, and he says we should have let the banks go bankrupt. You know, like other unprofitable businesses.

He also predicted this entire crisis (with stunning accuracy) at least 2 years ago. You know, when the democrats were supposed to do something about it?

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