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Comment: There are better than Apple's (Score 2) 111

Why do they mention that and fail to mention devices which present even higher density displays? My Nexus 5 has 445ppi display density.

I find it annoying that despite the existence of common devices which are "better" that the "best" is still considered to be Apple's. Nothing like product endorsement which wasn't [likely] even paid for. At the very least, they should have included the trademark sign to indicate they were making a commercial reference in their endorsement. (They did, at least capitalize "retina" in retina display... that's not quite the same thing and kind of makes it worse.)

Comment: Started messing with is last night (Score 1) 120

by erroneus (#47407121) Attached to: CentOS Linux Version 7 Released On x86_64

I am very interested in graduating beyond CentOS 6.x. The GNOME2 thing annoys me where compatibility with GIMP is concerned. A few other issues in its lacking up-to-date-edness as well. And I know that's the point of RHEL/CentOS so I have remained somewhat comfortable with it. But Damn that GNOME/GTK/GIMP issue. One or more of those people should work this out because the problem, while presently not applicable under CentOS7, it has the potential to return as their practices and philosophy haven't changed and that's what caused the problems in the first place.

I am reminded as to why I wanted to avoid GNOME3 in the first place. Way too much mouse movement involved there. (Touchpad users especially annoyed) and the GNOME Shell plugins thing? I haven't gotten into that, but early on, the way things worked plugins didn't work well with one another. Cobbling an ideal system for me required a lot of hackery. Plus, it required a lot more manual intervention. I see there is a plugin panel type thing so maybe they have worked that out now.... I hope.

Still, I want MATE. I added EPEL this morning, and got MATE installed. I will also want Compiz going but ran out of time this morning. The "Software" app (I liked Yumex... I want it back... another thing I want) but whatever is missing in the repo data, I see "Mate Desktop" as a category, but there is nothing in it. Going to the repo view, I can select packages. The app resolves dependencies but doesn't warn/advise me as to what it includes when resolving.

That's what I've got for now... I'm liking it basically.

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Do you think gun injuries are massive? By that definition, people being struck by lightning and winning lotteries are absolutely out of control and in epidemic rates.

Lumping car related injuries and fatalities in with guns is a wonderful way to create your hyperbole argument, but I would invite you to visit a shooting range some time. I think so far, without fail, once people actually use guns, they get a better impression of them and simply gain a better perspective on things.

We live in a dangerous world. No doubt about it. And we cannot make it un-dangerous no matter how we try. If we rid ourselves of all technology and live as animals live, we would STILL have dangers. It's time we stop denying that technology serves us, but in much the same way that "time-saving kitchen gadgets" don't really save [much] time, other tech has its costs as well.

And seriously, the right to enjoy the fun of shooting as well as the fighting chance to defend one's self? It's written into law. Why do we have to keep having the discussion? My advice to you and all gun-fearing people out there? Get a gun. You're a good person. Learn to use it well and wisely. Your fears will decline and we'll all be safer for it.

Comment: Re:This and more (Score 1) 88

I think you will find that the permission of the site location's management will likely be required as well to run this equipment as it becomes more common. I find the tech to be "cool" until you realize that it's all rather noisy. So it becomes not only a danger issue (and it's not like there isn't already danger associated with skiiing or any of the other activities likely to be focus of these drones) but one which is a nuissance to others.

This all speaks of the problems of enjoying and living in the moment and of that moment being missed due to "recording the moment." The moments are tainted by the added equipment. If it's not a person who lives the tainted moments behind a lens or LCD panel, then it's the moment being tainted by loud noises generated by the machinery to automate the process.

Adding a "leash" to the devices is interesting but I cannot imagine these devices responding fast enough that they won't get tugged like a child's helium balloon at every turn.

I suppose if they could get rid of the noise problem, I would find the tech more interesting.

Comment: I'm awaiting model "i" (Score 1) 245

by erroneus (#47384271) Attached to: Tesla Aims For $30,000 Price, 2017 Launch For Model E

I would be "inexpensive." I know we're a way from that at the moment. But while we note that progress is being made and at the same time, the slow (!) march in progress of more affordable, inexpensive, mass-produced solar and other at-hand, non-centralized power continues, I always feel we're on the cusp of a major paradigm shift. Still... we're beyond the year 2000, no flying cars and no serious advancement since the 80s really. I may be dead before real change is allowed to occur.

Comment: Re:How? (Score 2, Insightful) 109

Worse than that. It's blind faith in circular belief in truth. You get just enough people saying it and it becomes "a number of people" and suddenly a critical mass of people are making or supporting the claim and it becomes "truth." This is a general understanding of how lies become truth all over. Such common lies are "god" and "global warming." Deny either of those (among others) and you will be attacked politically. Observe as I get modded down because I dared mention god or global warming as lies.

Comment: Too little too late? (Score 2) 178

1. Government shouldn't use anything proprietary and the US should follow its own rules (AMD exists because gov't rules requirements, why not Microsoft compatible-competitors?)
2. Vendor lock-in always leads to over-pricing and government waste (also, see #1)
3. Microsoft did a deal with the devil (US Government) and now wants to regain trust. Sorry Microsoft. Not going to work.

And did anyone miss the work facebook has been doing with government? Holy crap. Not only is their censorship completely to the left, they are conducting psych experiments at the request of the US government. I personally avoid the social networking sites and [almost] always have.

(I have used LinkedIn due in no small part to my previous employer reducing its staff by over 90% Oh yeah, now I can talk about it too! Turns out the Fukushima incident and subsequent lies, deception, inaccuracies and omissions run pretty deep and even found its way to my former employer, a Mitsubishi company. Anyway, LinkedIn... i was checking that from my mobile device and it made mobile pages unusable through CSS and insisted I use an app. I loaded the app and agreed to whatever and the next thing I knew LinkedIn grabbed my whole addressbook and pulled it into their servers. I can't say whether they used the data to spam others, but I can say they used it to "suggest links" to my profile. That's pretty dirty and disgusting.)

Trust is a difficult thing these days... a fragile thing. And I hope companies everywhere, large and small, learn that lesson. They can learn the hard way or they can be good and decent people asking themselves "would I want someone doing this to me?!" (Just like government gun confiscation -- the answer is NO. The government wouldn't allow the citizens to take their guns, so why should the citizens allow government to take theirs?) Of course, too few people care about golden rules of morality because the world is run by psychopaths. Psychopaths think they can just buy trust. That may have been true, but the pendulum has reached its furthest point and is about to swing back the other way. Microsoft and others are only now figuring that out.

Comment: Re:Government without accountability is tyranny (Score 1) 534

Yes we all know what is going on. It's not a secret and hasn't been for a long while. Many people prefer not to talk about it but it's been going on. "No more hesitation" targets depicting people in bathrobes in their homes as targets. This is something they asked for and some company sold. Now they say they stopped selling them. But word has it, they simply created a new entity that sells that stuff exclusively and does not deal with any public at all.

And as others point out, one person in his home, or even a handful of people in their homes cannot hope to hold off these people. I don't expect it to either. But look what happened to the BATF after Waco. Completely neutered for a while until recently.

The best answer for now is people to keep talking about it. Talking is working to some degree. Those people out there saying "wait and see before you take action" are forgetting what has happened already and what is happening now. We can all face them down together or let fear paralyze the nation. People who use fear to get their way are terrorists. If you're afraid of your government and their enforcers, and if you're afraid to even talk about it? Guess who the terrorists actually are.

Comment: Re:Spy glasses? (Score 1) 58

by erroneus (#47330671) Attached to: The Military Is About To Get New Augmented Reality Spy Glasses

I see the next evolution as such devices being issued to police and local military forces operating in the US. They can and likely will be used to issue orders and directives about targets further disabling human choice and decision making. You may have already heard about the "zero hesitaiton targets" being used in police and other government training. It is surprisingly hard to overcome humanity and morality in government employees, but they are working VERY hard to overcome it and rather successfully I might add. Keep in mind that's one of the core issues with the use of drones. They remove "humans" from the morality and humanity of a situation, turning deadly operations into a score-keeping video game with a great deal less accountability and conscience.

Or I could just call it "terminator vision" and hope people understand the depth of what I mean.

Comment: Re:Alchemist chimes in. (Score 1) 222

by erroneus (#47299675) Attached to: WikiLeaks Publishes Secret International Trade Agreement

That, of course, would not happen. "Gold standards" have been destroyed by the central banks of the world. Global fraud as to the location and quantity of gold available is still a quiet and under-reported scandal. It is not in the interests of the banks to rely on something which they cannot easily manipulate. We have seen that a great deal in the past even to the point that they over-sold gold and silver certificates by a wide margin. They always seek to do this and will always seek to do this. These kinda of things are the reasons banking regulations have been put into place. And now they wish to deregulate. What could possibly go wrong?

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