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Comment: Re:More liberal than libertarian (Score 1) 580 580

by errhuman (#49045689) Attached to: Low Vaccination Rates At Silicon Valley Daycare Facilities

Actually, yeah, I do. If I have to go out, I wear a mask. They're more effective at catching the infectious droplets that cause infection when worn by the infected person anyways, and even if it's not the flu it's something I don't want to be passing around.

I also get the flu shot, and at least for me, it's worked.

You have a reference for that? Last time I looked into it a few years ago when I was living in HK (lots of people wear cheap crappy facemasks when they've got a respiratory disease) there was no good evidence that it worked either way. You can say that "intuitively" blocks infectious droplets. I can say that well, maybe, it could also efficiently nebulise the droplets that do get through, making it even worse.

Comment: Re:The actual damages... (Score 1) 647 647

by errhuman (#38550896) Attached to: Actual Damages For 1 Download = Cost of a 1 License
Except, this is \., supposedly inhabited by people educated enough to tell the difference between the common vernacular and the legal. You'd think that in a thread about the legality of copyright infringement people would at least be more likely to you use the precise word to communicate their point across to others. If you communicated ambiguously, you just wasted mine and everyone else's time.

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