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Comment Re: "Not Reproduclibe" (Score 1) 618

I know a repeatable experiment.
Greenhouse A. maintain at 100 ppm co2
Greenhouse B. maintain at 400 ppm co2
Greenhouse C. maintain at 1600 ppm co2
Grow pot in all 3 greenhouses. It dies in A, grows normally in B, And grows faster in C
Simple reproducible science. The vast majority of plants grow better, and can grow in more marginal areas, with CO2 concentrations like they were 15 million years ago.
The green choice is to increase co2 output massively

Comment Re:Don't worry (Score 1) 249

The Mongols invaded Russia in the winter so that they would have an easier time moving supplies on the frozen rivers with sledges. No player in the tech sector is as bad ass as Mongols of course.

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