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Comment Re:One more layoff required... (Score 1) 152

I just think that there are a lot of variables that contribute towards a given representation. For example, if a company gets 25 applications for a series of positions and 20 of them are men does that mean that they should hire equal number men and women to fill those positions? Maybe there were not enough women qualified, or even interested.

Sure, if there are valid and provable discrimination then a limited remedy might be appropriate. But throwing a big wet blanket over the whole thing just doesn't seem well thought out to me.

Comment Re:One more layoff required... (Score 1) 152

No - all it means is get the right person for the job. Gender and ethnicity are absolutely meaningless when evaluating skill. If the most qualified person happens to be an Indian female then, by all means, hire her. But the fact that she is female and Indian should in no way give her "bonus points" in the evaluation.

I hire technical people all the time. If you can write code and get along with people then you're in. I could not give a rats ass whether that person is male or female or white or black or asian or whatever. I hire based on skill and aptitude.

Quotas are, by definition, racist and sexist. Quotas, by definition, give preference to one group over another and do not take skill into account.

If top talent is a code word for anything it is fairness.

Comment One more layoff required... (Score 0) 152

While they are at it why not just get rid of the Diversity and Inclusion bimbo? I cringe every time I hear that term. The position should be replaced with General Manager of Competence. That person would be in charge of making sure that the company hires and retains top talent...regardless of their fucking gender or ethnicity.

Comment Clock boy.... (Score 1) 725

This whole thing was a setup from the beginning. The kid brings something to school that looks a lot like a bomb. So naturally he gets arrested. Just like if a kid brings a toy gun to school. They would also get arrested for that, and it has happened many times before. The fact that he is Muslim has absolutely nothing to do with it and everyone knows that.

Of course, the press sees this and immediately jumps on it as a discrimination story. Then, predictably, everyone is tripping over themselves to declare this kid as some sort of genius. Offering him scholarships and trips to the White House. Fox was the only network that actually fact checked it and exposed it as a fraud.

And the parents...what kind of idiot would think it's a good idea to send their kid to school with something that looks exactly like a bomb in a briefcase? This was clearly a setup and now they are trying to extort 15 million from the school district. I wouldn't give them 15 cents.

Fuck you, clock boy.

Comment Isn't that just grand... (Score 0) 322

As Obama sits on his high horse, claiming such deals are "unpatriotic", I am reminded that the current tax code - the set of rules that makes all of this perfectly legal - was crafted by Congress. The very same congress that is screaming bloody murder when corporations utilize these laws to their advantage. I am also reminded of the legalized bribery...oops...I mean lobby groups...that leaned on congress to pass such laws.

Congress creates a problem...then steps in and attempts to fix it...thereby making it even worse than it was in the first place. Lather, rinse, repeat.

This is the same congress that handed out billions of dollars of taxpayer money - our money - to failing banks with no strings attached. Then they complained because the banks turned around and gave their executives fat bonuses - again, our money - because congress was too stupid to forbid them from doing that.

There are many,many, many examples of this kind of fraud, abuse and incompetence in the US government. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Obama Care is going to fail. And every other big government program for that matter.

Smaller government is the only answer to this. The more money we throw at these big problems the worse it gets.

You want to stop these corporate inversions? Get rid of the IRS as we know it and replace it with a flat tax. No more deductions, loopholes, etc. No more gaming the system. No more bribery. If a corporation tries to pull what Phizer is doing then fine, you are now a foreign corporation and subject to import duties. And that incorporation in Delaware? You can forget about that too because it only applies to US based companies. Just watch how quickly they all fall in line.

For the billions currently stashed in other countries you offer a one time 10% tax on repatriated funds. Then you take that money and shore up the social security trust fund. Anything left gets rebated to American taxpayers. Above all else, you keep congress and their sticky fingers away from the money.

Comment Nice try Woolsey... (Score 1) 483

The issue at hand is not whether Snowden broke the law. If that were the only criteria then half of congress would be in jail, including Hillary Clinton. No, the real issue is that Snowden embarrassed the government. Not only did he catch the federal government lying to its own people, he released evidence to prove it. And for that he must pay.

Witch hunts are nothing new for the government. They have been doing it for generations.

Comment Re:Companies trying to help is the myth (Score 1) 242

Yeah and again, nobody is calling for an end to immigration. America was founded by immigrants, all the way back to the Mayflower. But we can't just have people slithering in under the fence or overstaying visas. There is a process in place for who gets in and who doesn't. I sympathize with the plight of our friends on the southern boarder but we can't accommodate everyone. I happen to think it is a reasonable approach.

Comment Re:Companies trying to help is the myth (Score 1) 242

I notice that you have not tried to refute a single one of my arguments so I will take that as a complete and total smack down. Typical knee jerk liberal. All emotion and no logic.

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother responding to these AC trolls. Slow day I suppose. But thanks for advancing the conservative viewpoint. You can collect your participation trophy at the door.

Comment Re:Companies trying to help is the myth (Score 4, Funny) 242

"The moment you have a child you become a burden for the company." - Yes but that is because society insists on maternity (and now paternity) leave. I'm not saying that is necessarily a bad thing, although it does seem a bit unfair to childless couples and singles. Anyhow, that ship has already sailed. But somebody has to pay for the time off, etc.

"Trump wants to make getting babies impossible." - Nonsense. Trump has never said anything of the sort.

"He wants to stop immigration." - No, he wants to stop ILLEGAL immigration. You have conveniently left that critical piece out. Trump has said repeatedly that he welcomes LEGAL immigrants to the US and values their contributions. How this is an extreme position is beyond me. People sneaking into the country and overstaying visas are not "Undocumented" or whatever other cutesy phrase you want to come up with. They are ILLEGAL immigrants and have broken our immigration laws.

"He wants that american population gets older, without any young people, and dies out, slowly." - Are you suggesting that Americans don't have any children?

"With an unpopulated america he has more space for his golf resorts." - And if we follow your logic, nobody to play on those courses. Unless we include all the illegal immigrants that you are pushing for. Maybe they'll take up golf.

Comment In Microsoft's defense.... (Score 1) 80

and I'm not their biggest fan, but I would submit that most of the modern exploits are due to vulnerabilities in browsers and the internet itself. In the past MS has done a piss poor job of security but it's much better now.

OSX, Linux, UNIX, Android, iOS - they all have vulnerabilities. It's just that Windows has a much bigger install base than the others and that makes it a logical target. If you want a 100% secure system then don't connect it to the internet and don't let anyone have physical access to the keyboard. As soon as you connect it to the internet you open a port, and therefore an attack vector.

Comment Scrum...schmum... (Score 1) 371

It doesn't matter what kind of methodology you use. It all comes down to people. If you have skilled developers and skilled management and skilled testers then you will be successful. If one of those three are missing you will be less successful. If all three are missing...God help you :-)

The mistake that some managers make is adopting a methodology (be it scrum or what have you) and seeing it as some sort of magic potion. There is no magic potion.

I have been a developer for many years and now I am managing a team of developers. One of the things I learned over the years is that developers are a different breed. They generally don't respond well to micro management. Some people view scrum as exactly that. I try to keep things simple. I give them a task and let them accomplish it as they see fit - enforcing standards but not stifling their creativity. My goal is to filter the corporate BS so that they can focus on what they do best - coding. My focus is on quality rather than quantity because if they rush the job to meet some arbitrary deadline it will take more time in the long run due to bug fixes.

Comment I can believe it (Score 1) 393

It's been a while since I was in University but more and more I am convinced that most jobs simply don't require a university degree. Success in any field is determined more by diligence, networking, experience and hard work than academic credentials. Sure, many university grads possess those skills but many of them don't.

I work with a woman that has an MBA (don't know where she went to school). She cannot write a coherent sentence. Her grammar and spelling are atrocious. Her communication and leadership skills are non existent. Yet she remains employed. How she even got hired in the first place is beyond me but I'm sure that the advanced degree had a lot to do with it.

I would take an eager high school kid over this bozo any day of the week and yet the kid without the degree is unlikely to even get an interview.

Certainly some professions require advanced training. Doctor, lawyer, engineer, architect, electrician...those come to mind. There are others without a doubt. But for most jobs the skills required simply do not require 4 years of university education. Yes, there are lots of benefits that university provides aside from specific job training but the notion that a 4 year degree is required for entry level jobs is nonsense.

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