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Comment Another EO? (Score 2) 184

Another Executive Order? Is that the only way that things get done these days? Did Obama even bother to try to work with Congress? I think not. The only thing coming out of the Oval Office these days are EO's so the process is obviously being abused.

I think we should change the rules on what Executive Orders are and how they can be used. Currently they are being used as a way to push forward whatever the President wants - regardless of what Congress votes on or what the majority of American citizens want. If Congress cannot come to an agreement on a bill then it should not become a law.

If we are going to have a system of government where the President passes all the laws (and, by the way, an EO is NOT a law) then we should just abolish the Congress and have a King. Welcome to Indonesia West.

Comment Re:Lovely, just lovely (Score 1) 153

I'm not suggesting that FB is the only time waster. As you point out, there are many avenues for that. My main point was comparing Zuckerberg to a few other people that have amassed vast fortunes. The others, not without their flaws by the way, at least created something of great value. Something enduring.

What has FB created? Yes, there have been some positive benefits such as people locating long lost friends, etc. But you have to dig pretty deep to find them and it was probably more by accident than by design. Sorry but clicking the "Like" button does not qualify as a boon to mankind in my books.

Even if you look at people that were not rich - Hemingway, Shakespeare, Mother Theresa, Isaac Newton, Alexander Fleming - each of them contributed to the betterment of the human race in their own ways. Contributions that far outlived them.

What will become of FB in 20 years time? Sure, it's all the rage right now. But how long until some shiny new thing comes along? How long before people get bored of clicking Like?

Comment And Hillary won't? (Score 1) 350

I don't care who gets elected they will find some way to allow the program to continue. If they can, they will expand it. NSA Mass Surveillance is a power grab, plain and simple. None of them have the guts to get rid of it because the moment they do, and there is any sort of attack no matter how small, that politician will have blood on their hands.

So it gets sold to the American public as something that is for our own good. Big brother to the rescue. Never mind that our government has blown billions of our tax dollars so far on this charade with little to nothing to show for it. If anything the attacks have increased, not decreased. But in typical government fashion, when something doesn't work throw money at it until it does. Meanwhile our freedoms continue to erode.

The whole thing just reminds me of those home alarm company commercials where they try to scare you into buying the alarm to keep away the "bad guys". You're better of just putting a sign on your lawn that says you have an alarm. Just as effective.

Comment Lovely, just lovely (Score 4, Insightful) 153

Zuckerberg becomes one of the richest people in the world by building...the biggest waste of time ever devised.

Bill Gates is a prick. But at least his company built something - Windows - that makes people productive.
Andrew Carnegie was a prick. But his companies built railroads that allowed for westward expansion and are still in use today.
Jay Gould was a prick. But he too built railroads that helped to expand the economy.

What has Zuck done, exactly? He created a program that is such a time waster that many companies simply block it for fear of their employees surfing cousin Sally's wedding photos on the company dime. Sure, it has helped to reunite some families and I applaud that. And maybe it helped you find that long lost high school chum from 20 years ago. But maybe if you haven't heard from them in 20 years then they don't really give a shit about you? But I digress....

And the advertising...I mean does anyone really look at those things? If i buy a copy of Car & Driver then I'm really into cars and if I see an ad for car stuff I'm likely to at least read it. But if I'm looking at Sally's wedding photos do I really care about adds for car stuff?

I know that it makes money for Facebook but the whole thing just seems like a giant house of cards to me.

Comment Apple (Score 1, Interesting) 176

You know, I don't know why Apple or some other tech company with vast amounts of idle cash doesn't just buy Comcast. I think that customers would be thrilled. At the very least you wouldn't have to worry about incorrect bills and shitty customer service. Not only that, it would be the ideal delivery mechanism for Apple and their products. They could tie it in with iTunes for music and movie streaming.

Maybe it's a bit far fetched but who knows?

Comment Re:Question (Score 1) 217

Well, CEO's used to have a pay package similar to that. They called it stock options. When the company did well they did really, really well. When the company didn't do so well they still did really well. So now they just pay them a shitload of money up front with a golden parachute on the back end to ease the landing. Must be nice.

Comment Not surprising (Score 1) 668

I have heard Jerry Seinfeld make the same statement. Bill Mahr too I think. It seems that these days pretty much everything is off limits for jokes. About the only exceptions are political jokes (Dems making fun of Republicans and vice versa) and redneck jokes. Other joke types will get you branded as the following:

Jokes referring to ethnicity of any kind (other than white, or course) = Flaming Bigot
Gay jokes = Homophobe
Gender based jokes (unless it's jokes about white guys) = Anti-women
Any joke with the N word in it (unless you're black, then it's fine) = Racist

It still seems to be ok to refer to Scottish people as cheap and Irish people as drunks. But you can't refer to Mexicans or Puerto Ricans as lazy. That's off limits ( see Flaming Bigot above). Making fun of Eastern European accents (Arnold....I'll be back) or Russian seems to be acceptable.

It's all quite simple if you just follow the rules...

Comment Yeah... (Score 1) 217

and if this is like any other layoff I have seen then management probably had 24 hours or less to decide who to let go and who to keep. Without adequate time to do any real analysis then the brown-nosers, game players and golf buddies get to stay. The ratio of dead wood to productive employee then swings even further to the dead wood side.

Then the good employees that did manage to make the cut see the writing on the wall and start sending out resumes. The exodus continues.

By any measure, Mayer has done an absolutely terrible job during her tenure. Granted, she inherited some challenges but she knew this going in. If you are working for Yahoo my advice would be to get out as soon as you can. This ship is sinking fast.

Comment The challenge for Google... (Score 1) 180

is to convince people that their phone has the same cachet as the iPhone. Apple has managed to do that and that's what allows them to charge premium prices. From a performance/features standpoint the Nexus is on par with the iPhone. Same things from an Apps standpoint.

What Google needs to do is convince customers that they are getting a luxury item. One that is not only worth the money but is desirable and enviable. Apple customers are not only willing to spend the money, they are happy to do so.

Luxury customers don't care about custom ROMs and SD cards. They care about phones that look, feel, and operate in a premium way. They want chic not geek. Google should focus on build quality and longer battery life. Put in really good speakers and better headphones. Give people a way to customize the phone - like the ability to add an etched monogram or high end leather cover on the back.

Instead of some crappy SD card option just give everyone 64GB as a minimum right off the bat with the option to upgrade to more - at a reasonable price. For people that are really into audio strike a deal with a maker of some good high end headphones (Bose maybe?) and offer it as a package deal for those that want it. Offer a super high end camera option for folks that are really into photography and video. In other words, make it customizable to fit the needs of a diverse customer base.

Comment Hmmm... (Score 2) 250

What is interesting to me here is the charge of gender discrimination. Typically you would expect this to be levied by a female. In this case it appears to be a guy that is alleging discrimination. Reverse discrimination basically and it flies in the face of what Silicon Valley and indeed corporate America have been promoting for quite some time now.

To me this is a perfect example of how two wrongs don't make a right. This guy had nothing to do with what happened in the past so why must he be made to suffer for it?

Comment Re:It's not TSA-level security theater (Score 4, Insightful) 95

You know, it occurs to me that if some radical group really wanted to cause havoc at the Super Bowl they could. But they won't and it's not because of the security theater. It's because if such a thing were to occur the outrage would be so great that our politicians would be forced to act upon it. Every plane, every ship, every gun would be pointed squarely at those responsible and in a matter of days we could wipe them from the face of the earth.

Instead they engage in attacks that are much smaller in scale. Their objective is not to kill everyone. Their objective is to strike fear into everyone. And these smaller scale attacks are very successful at that. Not only that, it gives politicians cover by allowing them to claim that these are "isolated incidents" and not large scale attacks. Such is the nature of guerrilla warfare.

Comment Re:My prediction.... (Score 1) 676

"Go get some exercise, quit smoking," - Typical liberal - attack the person not the issue. I do exercise and I don't smoke so go fuck yourself.

"The San Bernadino massacre was at an office holiday party, and TV and the internets have been full of people saying how it should have been full of armed citizens." - You're not seriously suggesting that this was just some random office party shoot up are you?

"And upping the number of people carrying won't magically increase the percentage of them using holsters and gun safes correctly." - No but proper training will. I don't think that anyone should possess a firearm without proper training. If the government is to play a role in this at all it should be in setting up mandatory training.

Comment Re:A modest proposal (Score 1) 633

I really feel that the media plays a big part in all this. It's all about ratings. If it bleeds it leads. Ever notice how every evening news program is exactly the same formula? 25 minutes of death, horror, murder. Then the last story is about someone that saves a cat from a burning house. Or some similar feel good story. Every single time. It doesn't just occur randomly like that - it's scripted. So people are left with the impression that 90% of all news stories are bad news and the whole planet is in a death spiral.

Comment Predictable liberal backlash... (Score 0) 633

Every time there is a shooting we get the same response. The news media reports it, endlessly, for days and days. While appearing to be objective they are actually promoting the liberal gun control agenda. All the while, inciting fear among the unwashed masses. Then Obama steps up and essentially blames the American people for these Islamic nut jobs that are running around killing people. First of all, gun ownership is a right of citizenship. It's in the constitution. This makes us unique from other countries. If the American people don't like it we can amend the constitution. But that is the only way it can change. Secondly, suppose for a moment that the constitution did get amended and restrictions are put on gun ownership. Which ones get banned and which ones are not? How many can you own? Are the rules different for people that have children in the house? Should people that drink alcohol be allowed to own a gun? Who decides all of this? The same collection of Washington clowns that have fucked up everything else, that's who. I just find it hilarious, and more than a little hypocritical, that the same set of liberal politicians that are calling for gun control are protected by Secret Service people carrying what...slingshots? No, they carry guns. And the same set of idiots lecturing us about SUV's are driving around in armored vehicles that probably get less than 10 MPG. And the same set of people railing about how we need to give money to the poor strangely never seem to give much of their own money to the cause. No, that's left up to people like Chaney and Trump and Romney. That's right - those people give millions of dollars of their own money to charitable causes every year. Their own money. Quite a bit different than the standard rich liberal prick who stands up there asking for YOUR money, while giving little or none of their own.

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