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Comment: Best Tools, lack of "Hip" factor (Score 5, Insightful) 268

by erik umenhofer (#41821061) Attached to: Windows Phone 8 Having Trouble Attracting Developers

I know this is an on-going flame war, but with Expression Software and Visual Studio 2010/2012, Microsoft has some of the best tools out there for building mobile applications. Throw in testing tools, and you are at the top of the class. After using the tools and marketplace for 2 years now, I can say a couple things.

*The marketplace has come a long way. It is getting better every day. It used to be a real chore to use year or so ago. It is a lot more streamlined and clean.

*The bad press recently around marketplace submissions is a crap shoot. I've experienced similar things, but also I've experienced quick easy submissions. It honestly depends on the tester. If things seem to be going bad, there is always a manager you can contact to get things going.

*Lets be honest too. The iOS and Android marketplaces are FILLED with pure crap applications. I'm not saying that the Windows store is any better, but comparing numbers isn't fair because, most of those apps are useless and are never downloaded.

*If you know Java or Obj-C, not many people are willing or paid to jump into C#. I'm definitely not interested in learning a new language at this point in my career.

* Lastly, I think the main problem is traditional Microsoft fear/hatred. I have talked to more "hip" iOS teams that make cooler apps for android and iOS. They showed zero desire to even make an effort to make any apps for Windows Phone. The attitude I saw a lot was just pure bandwagon hatred. "Meh"

Comment: Re:Who cares? (Score 4, Insightful) 190

by erik umenhofer (#41541783) Attached to: Microsoft Reportedly Launching Its Own Windows Phone Smartphone

Saying that "microsoft" killed the phone is true in a sense, but you also have to understand the company culture at MS. It is built on a lot of teams. Not one single united company where everyone shares ideas and works together nicely. You should read the history of what happened to Danger and you will see a major factor to its demise was the infighting that took place, nothing technical really. Apple/Google I think have a lot less of this kind of stuff so it was easier to let it bloom.

Comment: Cross Platform Compatibility (Score 1) 147

by erik umenhofer (#40415087) Attached to: The Death of an HTML5 Game Breeds an Open Source Project

This is one the key features I think game developers were looking for when HTML5 came out. It promised the holy grail of "write once, run everywhere". It would allow you to write a game for a browser and have it work on iPhone, Android and WP7. The issue is still that every browser and hardware device act different. A touch on one device is a tap on another. Multitouch works here but not there. Some browsers don't support audio, some don't support WebGL acceleration. This also changes all the time.

Deploying the apps is another issue as well. Once you have written a great game that looks wondering in chrome, you have to wrap it somehow to get it on devices. All of the options for wrapping right now are beta at best. There is still hacking that has to be done most of the time.

On that note, it is getting better every day, eventually you will be able to push your code to nearly every OS. But that day is not today.

Comment: Re:"because it is built on MS Access." (Score 1) 245

When you are being paid for work by a client, they dictate what the work is at the end of the day. They are paying you. You can give suggestions etc, but if they want Access or only know Access, you are going to use Access. You are being "told" this is the only option and you use it. This has happened on countless clients.

Comment: New mission to Moon proposed (Score 1) 103

by erik umenhofer (#40390059) Attached to: NASA Finds Major Ice Source In Moon Crater

A new mission has been funded by private parties (most notably sports team owners) to send Robert 'Bobby' Boucher Jr. to the moon to recover said water sources. Think tanks involved with the mission have stated that moon ice water is of the "highest quality H2O" and must be collected for commercial purposes.

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