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Comment: Re:Is it the Apps? (Score 3, Informative) 136

You mean like the iPhone supported the vast majority of smartphone features when it was released, like native applications beyond what's bundled, MMS, video recording, 3G, Copy/Paste/Cut functionality, multitasking...

Oh, wait, that was a rushed piece of shit as well.

Comment: Re:Nuclear arms use probable in five years (Score 1) 228

by ericloewe (#49340087) Attached to: How Nuclear Weapon Modernization Undercuts Disarmament

Sure, blame the victim.

Funny how a bunch of drunken retards get a pass for shooting down an airliner they thought was a military transport plane that posed no immediate danger AND covering it up at the same time you condemn the stressed-out/paranoid crew of a warship that felt threatened (even though there was no threat) by an airliner they thought was a fighter aircraft where there was no attempt at a cover up.

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