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Comment Re:Microsoft will generally not brick your compute (Score 2) 409

I must disagree.

There are two distinct scenarios: upgrades and repairs.

If you end up replacing every component in your PC over time, it's legitimate to say that it's a new computer. In practice, it's tied to the motherboard.

On the other hand, if you just replace the motherboard with an identical model (or similar, they don't care about those details), you can speak to a support person and they'll activate the new board for you in a minute.

Comment Re:How about an "Understandable C Contest"? (Score 1) 48

To be fair, many entries boil down to precompiler shenanigans. Impressive, but not particularly interesting.

The underhanded C contest is, in my opinion, more interesting. Obfuscating something into a mess that is impossible to understand is relatively easy. Writing code that passes a decent examination of the source but is actually designed to fail in a very specific way is much harder.

Comment Re:Not 12 euros... (Score 1) 208

I'd prefer an unequivocal standard. Lacking one, we all just have to do our best to make things unequivocal. That means spaces as digit separators and a single character as decimal separator. Simple enough that even a computer can trivially figure it out and everyone gets to use their own favorite decimal separator.

Comment Re:RIP DVI... (Score 1) 406

DVI suffers from being bulky and slow.

Single-Link DVI only does 1920x1200. Dual-Link is a very large cable and only does 2560x1600.

In comparison, HDMI does 4k. DisplayPort does 4k or 4x 1920x1200 (DP1.3 even does 2x 4k @60Hz). Both of them use much thinner cables and both support audio. HDMI does some consumer electronics integration supposedly, but compatibility is hit and miss.

DisplayPort has every reason to completely eliminate DVI. It's faster, works with USB Type-C, supports MST (for all sorts of cool things like several monitors from one interface) and is easily converted to HDMI, DVI or VGA.

Comment Re:Eventually... But not yet (Score 1) 406

DisplayPort does audio.

DisplayPort is easily converted into VGA or HDMI with reasonably cheap converters. HDMI 1.3 or so/DVI are even doable with passive adapters if the source supports them.

DisplayPort can be carried by the USB Type C infrastructure.

Literally, the only consumer-facing advantage of HDMI is that it's a lot more popular.

Comment Re:WTH Qatar? (Score 1) 276

*De facto acquiring deeply-troubled airlines to use as a means to circumvent EU airline ownership laws
Not sure what this means, but they spy on the manufacturors (who also spy)

Maybe you shouldn't comment, then, since it's clear you're talking out of your ass.

*Promoting slavery
Working extra hours without pay. Being allowed to pay people below minimum wage. People who work still needing help. Opposing unions in any way possible.

That's not slavery, that's an unpleasant working environment.

*Organizing huge events to pretend they're a civilized country (see "slavery" and "FIFA")
World championchips where only the USA is a contestant. (See USA! USA! USA!)

I'm not even sure what kind of idiotic comment that is...

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