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Comment Re:That's not an ethics issue, just plain fraud (Score 1) 569

I mean, think about it: these cars actually meet European emission standards without a problem. They only run afoul of US emissions standards.

No, they do not, according to the testing that revealed this conspiracy (it's large enough to be a conspiracy).

consumer protection laws in the world, far tougher than Europe.

And where did you get that asinine idea?

Comment Re:We'll be here to help (Score 1) 867

The TomTom Go units used to require a crazy mess made up of a USB driver, a Win32 application that calls their website, which requires a browser plugin, which all had to be started in a very specific sequence. The process is then managed through said website.

For Windows 8, they simplified this by eliminating the browser plugin. The whole thing still feels like it's running in a browser behind the scenes, though, and the driver needs to be manually installed, even though it is included with the application and is signed.

Comment Re:An idea. (Score 1) 106

That worked magnificently for the N64 and its extremely fast (compared to CDs) ROM cartridges that (usually) contained battery-backed SRAM or EEPROM for saves, against the PS1's extremely slow CDs that could carry a lot more data and were cheap enough that you could make larger games by sticking them on relatively-arbitrary amounts of CDs.

Comment Re:Arrogance? (Score 2) 867

Funny how nobody complains if a tablet, phone or console demands an OS update to continue functioning (unless significant features are removed), but if it's Windows, it's "malware"...

You want to complain about the automatic download? Fine, that is stupid. I was also surprised by the aggressiveness with which Windows 10 was pushed - I ended up accidentally upgrading sooner than I wanted when I thought I was just "reserving" the update.

Comment Re:We'll be here to help (Score 1) 867

A GPS application for a phone can be updated within the phone, and a standalone GPS ought to be able to be updated by copying a file to it through USB mass storage or MTP.

My, aren't you optimistic...

It's an unbelievable headache to get your average GPS unit updated with Windows (I'm familiar with TomTom), much less any other alternatives you might suggest.

Comment Re:Completely redesigning the game for touch (Score 1) 867

"port a Windows game to Windows Phone"

Step 1: Come up with touchscreen interface for your game and program it along with mouse and keyboard.
Step 2: In Visual Studio, compile as a universal Windows application.
Step 3: Publish.

Performance issues aside (phones will never match desktops), porting to Windows on phones has become trivial.

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