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Comment: Re:call me skeptical (Score 1) 190

The fucking "summary" is wrong.

If you read the warrant application, the feds state the following:
- He did try to access the IFE box, as evidenced by physical damage.
- It is possible that he interfaced with the IFE systems and *possibly* other aircraft systems

Nowhere did they say: "This guy accessed flight control systems."

Comment: Re:I can see this running afoul of.... (Score 1) 545

by ericloewe (#49694467) Attached to: California Senate Approves School Vaccine Bill

Frankly, Health of the General Population > Freedom of religion.

If your "religion" demanded that you fire a machine gun into the air for 5 minutes a day, you'd find very little tolerance for it.

Either scenario has a probability of harming someone around the same order of magnitude, I guesstimate. So why should the first be any different?

Comment: Re:This again? (Score 1) 480

by ericloewe (#49610573) Attached to: New Test Supports NASA's Controversial EM Drive

It's one thing to be open to the possibility that something is incomplete.

It's quite another to write a long web page with grand predictions for something that is unproven and has no theoretical explanation yet.

It's also ludicrous to make a computer model without any sort of theoretical basis. I can "invent" a warp drive by imagining that $_phenomenon is a good approximation of $_supposed_operating_principle and making a computer model of that. Naturally, the results are pure bullshit and profoundly meaningless.

Neither of the above disproves very solid physics. It'll take something a lot more formal to reasonably conclude that space is asymmetric.

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