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Comment: Re:OneNote is very good (Score 4, Interesting) 168

by ericloewe (#46800915) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Professional Journaling/Notes Software?

Agreed. OneNote is perfect for note-taking. With compatible hardware (tablet with N-trig or Wacom digitizer) you can even get the best handwriting experience this side of paper. Naturally, it works just as well with keyboard+mouse.

The Windows Desktop version (which is the only one I regularly use) has some pretty random bugs when drawing shapes with the built-in tools (it may be limited to high-DPI displays, though, since it looks like a bad coordinate transformation - and it only happens occaisonally), but is otherwise stable.

Like all Office applications, it might be good to spend an hour or two learning the ropes instead of diving right in.

Comment: Re:Nuclear is obvious, an energy surplus is desire (Score 5, Insightful) 433

by ericloewe (#46742441) Attached to: UN: Renewables, Nuclear Must Triple To Save Climate

Nuclear is cleaner than any fossil fuel, properly managed. Overall, despite the accidents, nuclear's impact has been a lot smaller than that of fossil fuels.

Unfortunately, accidents aren't seen as an opportunity to learn and eliminate old flaws, but to halfheartedly dump the whole thing, leaving behind ancient designs with known flaws instead of new, safer designs.

Comment: Re:Fixing defects in sloppy coding is NOT "support (Score 1) 322

by ericloewe (#46739109) Attached to: IRS Misses XP Deadline, Pays Microsoft Millions For Patches

They sold their product under a contract that clearly specified the support period, which was then repeatedly extended at no cost to anyone who bought XP.

Windows XP is archaic by modern standards. Yes, some people have to use it or buy new scientific/industrial/medical equipment, but that can hardly be blamed on Microsoft.

When you last bought any piece of electronics or machinery, did it come with implied free support for all eternity? No, you got a well defined warranty period and beyond that you are expected to pay up. Same here.

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