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Comment: I ride (Score 1) 947

by ericdano (#45226779) Attached to: How Safe Is Cycling?

I ride to work in the Bay Area, 4 days a week. Or more. Depends. I'm even doing it at night now. I have lights and stuff. I work and live in the east bay, so, there is less traffic.

I have almost been hit a couple of times. It's amazing how people don't look. Even at night with my lights on, I've had people almost turn into where I was going. It's like they are blind.

Oh the flip side, cycling to work saves me about $10 a day. Takes about an hour to get to work, and an hour back. I'm hoping to continue over the winter riding to work.

Comment: Bullshit (Score 1) 420

by ericdano (#44775893) Attached to: Nokia Insider On Why It Failed and Why Apple Could Be Next

Just because Apple isn't telling everyone what they are doing does not mean it isn't "innovating". Apple really hasn't ever come out with anything radically new in the first place. The iPod was just a amazingly better version of the MP3 players that had been out on the market. The iPhone was an amazingly better version of "SmartPhones" that were being made by Palm, Microsoft, maybe even Nokia. The iPad was an amazingly better version of what a tablet SHOULD be, and tablets had been around for about 10+ years.

So is Apple just going to sit on it's ass then? No. There is no indication at all they are. Even Mac OS X, which every "analyst" will say is probably Apple's least profitable item, and something they shouldn't be focused on, is getting some awesome features in 10.9. If they were truly sitting on their ass, why not take another year for 10.9? Why so soon?

I think a lot of these "arguments" boil down to that Apple makes ONE size of the iPhone. Everyone else makes 15 sizes. Yet making ONE size seems to work quite well for Apple. Samsung's strategy.....seems to be unraveling with it's current stock issues.

Will Apple make a bigger iPhone? I hope not. Will they maybe make something similar that is bigger? Who knows? But is that really a new market? Is that "innovating"?

I have no clue about what Apple is planning, but it's track record is the best in releasing new things. Except everyone wants that new thing they are working on last week and want to know about the next thing now. That isn't going to happen. Apple will release their next thing when it is done and is a shippable product. Not when it's some hacked up Eye Wear or a Watch with a 10 hour battery life.

Comment: Hosting on a NAS (Score 1) 187

by ericdano (#43385763) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Open Source For Bill and Document Management?

I have been trying to do this for a while. I have a ScanSnap S1500M and have been hosting all the PDFs on my Synology NAS. However, programs like iDocument don't support network drives and text searching PDFs. They rely on Spotlight's database, and spotlight doesn't work on a NAS (though it supposedly does work on a Apple Server).

I'd LOVE some sort of text searchable solution that is better. I do use iDocument, but that has a LOT of limitations, like it will not handle ePUBs. I'm hoping at some point Synology will create an App for it's line of units similar to something like Evernote. They already have two great Apps that allow you to stream Audio and Video from your Synology unit to an iOS or Android phone and computer. And they also have a Dropbox like App. The last piece they really need is some sort of document management thing that works with their stuff. That would be a perfect solution for someone who has a lot of documents or a small business which doesn't want to have it's data in the hands of Google or other companies.

Comment: Scott won't be missed. (Score 4, Interesting) 487

by ericdano (#41813603) Attached to: Shake-up at Apple: Forstall Out; iOS Executive Fired For Maps Debacle?

Scott has been messing up. The interface designs are getting out of control on iOS and OS X, and hopefully Ive will fix that. Maps and Siri still don't work as advertised (though they are getting better all the time). I don't think Scott will be missed. It makes a LOT of sense to reorganize how they did, though Mansfeld though should have retired......

The other guy, good riddance. His managing of the Apple Stores is questionable to say the least.

Comment: Re:Try using maps; but other options also exist (Score 1, Insightful) 561

by ericdano (#41480195) Attached to: Why Apple Replaced iOS Maps

Exactly. I don't see what the problem is. Where was the outrage when Apple dumped YouTube?

If anything, Google should be the one to blame. Why didn't it have an app ready to replace Maps like it did for YouTube?

Apple's Maps app will work for a lot of people right now, and it will get better. Most all the people I know who have upgraded to iOS 6 and/or have a new iPhone 5 don't care about it not being Google.

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