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Comment Re:Fail. (Score 1) 246

Warning flag: "Dumbass Americans". But maybe despite the bigotry, this person has something useful to impart. So I skipped ahead to the next paragraph.

Nope. Market forces don't rely on rational actors acting in their own best interests. They act even in the absence of universal perfect rationality.

If someone angrily says "Fuck Samsung! I'm never buying their crap again." after their phone can't be repaired, they are not "acting rationally".

They're not doing an analysis, taking into account the fact that they are dealing with a sample size of 1, and all the rest. It's an emotional response.

In terms of how it affects Samsung, though, it's the same: no sale.

Angrily taking the complaint to their friends and relatives and acquaintances in person and on social media magnifies the effect.

No rationality involved.

Comment Tend to be conservative and to become left-wing (Score 1) 494

OK, I'm either going to have to: (1) read this post and TFA carefully to figure out why engineers tend to both be conservative and to become left-wing terrorists, or why it's nonsense (2) say it's nonsense and move on with my day.

Option (2) is definitely faster, and option (1) may get me to the same conclusion.

Option (2) it is. (But maybe I'll check back later in case someone tries option (1) and then posts something short and insightful that I could have found out on my own.)

Comment Re:Austin? (Score 1) 464

Sorry. Failed wordplay.

"Because culture and geography or specifically, a lack thereof"

There's plenty of "geography". It may suck (opinions differ, obviously) but there is a lot of it. No arguing with that.

The reason it was supposed to be funny was because Texas is big, you see.

Never mind. Someone in this conversation lacks a sense of humor, and the more I type, the more it seems likely it's me.

Comment STL: local boosterism, or truth, or some of each (Score 1) 464

There's been chatter lately about St. Louis increasingly becoming an IT hub.

There's some basis for the claim. Universities, some of them pretty big deals. Washington University. (A friend with a Harvard boyfriend had a red sweatshirt with "Harvard" in big letters above its crest and a caption in small letters below: "The Washington University of New England") St. Louis University. My alma mater, MST (formerly UMR formerly MSM), just a hundred miles down I-44.

Employers that do a lot of IT. MasterCard. Emerson. Square's expanding their presence. Boeing. The IT market is pretty good.

IT user groups. You can find a bunch on meetup.

As a place to live? The cost of living is average to low. Despite the sprawl, I can get from South City ("Dutchtown") to NW St. Louis County in 40 minutes, when it's not rush hour. Even rush hour is not all *that* bad; my co-worker in St. Peters (in St. Charles County) commutes to just a few blocks from the Arch after passing through St. Louis County and all of the City in about 40 minutes. The St. Louis Symphony is pretty damn good, as are the Art Museum and the St. Louis Zoo. Despite the recent problems in Ferguson and nearby communities and the problems all inner cities seem to have, the St. Louis metro area is not as portrayed or imagined. Interracial couples don't cause raised eyebrows, much less raised fists. "Dutchtown" is still an ethnic enclave, but Bosnian, not German. (The only US Bosnian-language newspaper is published here.) The Hindus and Muslims I work with get along just fine with everyone. You can even be a Cubs or Mets fan, and not get picked on. Much. (It's more condescension, I think.)

Reason to think it's hype: It's chatter. Some of it is from the same people that thought "business incubators" were a good idea, or that football team owners were too poor to build a stadium. And it could be I'm somewhat biased in my opinions and selective in what I choose to notice, or to mention.

Still, St. Louis is worth considering.

Comment Re:Ah, arXiv (Score 1) 41

Not banned, and not from arXiv, but a recent Nobel laureate was co-author of a paper that recently didn't survive peer-review at a couple of supposedly prestigious medical journals (JAMA and NEJM, as I recall). (Link below.)

They took their paper elsewhere, where it was better received.

How recent? The latest round of awards. How recently? The rejections happened before the awarding of the prize.

Feather in the cap of the publishing journal, and a black eye for the two that rejected it.

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