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Comment: Re:Irrelevant... (Score 1) 206

by epiccollision (#46802345) Attached to: Obama Delays Decision On Keystone Pipeline Yet Again

the natural gas being taken advantage of for fracking is currently being built out with the intention of exporting it...other countries are willing to pay more then the domestic market. Huge NG terminals are being built at key ports across the US and Canada with the intention of shipping it off to those who can afford to pay more. Fracking is exploitation, not a solution.

Comment: Re:Bitcoin (Score 1) 455

by epiccollision (#46605203) Attached to: Wal-Mart Sues Visa For $5 Billion For Rigging Card Swipe Fees

if they offer the ability to pay using Visa/Mastercard its a violation of the merchant agreement between the store and the processor to offer a discount when paying cash...there might be a law somewhere...but technically its between Visa/MC and the store, and its a little those computer stores that installed windows xp using a remote activation corporate key and never gave the key or copy of the disc to the customer...nobody wins.

Comment: Re:"Paranoid" (Score 2) 198

by epiccollision (#46594789) Attached to: Russian Officials Dump iPads For Samsung Tablets Over Spy Fears

Do we really need more insight on the country that uses a Jersey Shore "No, Fuck you!" as its national agenda...We made them, just like we made Germany(et al.) after WWI, just like Afghanistan will be in a decade or so. You can't isolate and belittle ignorance with more ignorance, freedom comes with responsibility which we ignored...these are the consequences. Snowden is a small part of a lot of nonsense we let happen, how can we blame him for pointing out the mess we made?

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by epiccollision (#46594169) Attached to: Operation Wants To Mine 10% of All New Bitcoins

Who exactly is trading physical gold? I know there are companies who have gold reserves as bullion, banks, mining companies etc. The amount of gold that has ever been extracted/mined is estimated to be quite modest compared to other metals like silver, copper or iron. Those metals are used to construct buildings,commodity goods and uses a fleet of ships to get around...while all of the gold mined in a year could probably fit in one ship container, it would not be easy to move it once full but it would fit inside quite easily. Gold's scarcity may be a contributing factor to its value, but this is pure speculation, all we see is a price reported to us to by a self- interested 3rd party. When we buy gold from the market we don't get a corresponding shipment of it in 3-5 business days(unless you are a bank or have permission from a government to posses gold), someone else has possession of it you just buy certificates. So if some entity, or group of, sells more certificates then they actually have who is going to know? By all estimates the interest(not futures, but actual commodity sales) in gold has outstripped the actual supply of gold for quite what are they selling??

Now what are comparing and contrasting to BTC?

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by epiccollision (#46593787) Attached to: Operation Wants To Mine 10% of All New Bitcoins

While gold is a physical commodity...I assume you are making this comparison because the value of gold is used as some sort of standard of investment and you are trying to compare how scarcity can affect value...that would be relevant if the amount gold that actually exists(mined/processed) exceeded the amount sold on the market. Currently the "ownership" of gold(including silver and a few other commodities) meaning someone has purchased interest in gold held by a 3rd party, exceeds the actual amount of gold that has been mined, ever.

Most countries have rules regarding the amount of gold you can physically possess(ex. order 6102, and the like), there is little recourse for someone to see "their" gold. So, while gold's value could be related to actual scarcity theres no way to prove the amount of gold being "held" is not the same gold someone else has purchased interest in. At this point of obscurity and public ignorance gold might as well be bitcoins ...excuse me while I go start a gold exchange...when are the suckers born again?

Gold may be gold, but we don't actually sell gold do we?(yes I know there's a gold bullion vending machine in Dubai, thats a novelty not an investment vehicle)

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by epiccollision (#46508749) Attached to: Big Bang's Smoking Gun Found

its time to get rid of the silly but widespread idea of inflation coming from a singularity point source. The universe was hot, dense and still probably infinite, it just started to inflate locally. We probably will never know exactly what was before, but thinking it all came from a point source seems a little silly.

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by epiccollision (#46448007) Attached to: Meat Makes Our Planet Thirsty

The farmer? ADM, Monsanto, Cargill, Dupont are your farmers subsidized by taxes.
The rancher? works for Tyson, Cargill, JBS or National Beef and is probably a migrant worker.
The butcher? Same as above.
The truck driver? works for them too.
HVAC repairs are hardly funding the middle class, same with the checkout clerk.

so your choice is really the 50 or so Inc's, cult indeed...the choice isn't either or as most of the fat in your diet is probably corn, soy or canola based.

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by epiccollision (#46428873) Attached to: Satoshi Nakamoto Found? Not So Fast

you probably would have a case if something was intentionally misrepresented by the author(Tailhook), or the fact checking failed upon review due to negligence(stephen glass)...if you truly believe something is true and you can present the case to a judge that the material you gathered pointed to this person being who the evidence says he is. You'd have a difficult position to sue for any damages as a result...a retraction is about all you'd be entitled to.

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by epiccollision (#46421207) Attached to: Whole Foods: America's Temple of Pseudoscience

so? they got the story right over the years..but...its all nonsense. They basically got right that there were people in in the middle east/Levant(they got jerusalem, the entire exodus, the empires of david and solomon wrong) and then at some point the romans came along then the new testament was written down around 70-100 5000+ years and all they got right was some names and bits of historical flavor but the core of their stories were just made up nonsense

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by epiccollision (#46420985) Attached to: Whole Foods: America's Temple of Pseudoscience

considering the exodus didn't happen...there is no evidence the egyptians owned a substantial number of jews during this period, and they didn't just let them get away one day, and there is no record of of a herd of them wandering around the Sinai for who crossed what?

people really have to stop accepting bible history as facts, while its seems they have most of things inline after 200CE almost everything before that is just some shit they made up with historical figures for "truthiness".

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