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Comment Re:Segway polo (Score 2, Insightful) 139

Wow. Just wow. I stop in here to kill a little time at work, and see this.

Thanks, Woz. For showing me what true class and humility looks like. And reminding me how much room there is for me to grow and be a better person.

BitZtream is not off base. I was very athletic in school with letters and trophies and all. 15 years ago I could run a marathon. After a spinal injury I have not kept in good shape and I let my weight go too, so this will be hard for me. But it's not about dancing. It's about ratings and attracting viewers. You never know what pranks I might find a way to pull on the show.

I don't mind it when people treat me badly. I wish I had no fame and no money, and I do my best to limit both. But I'm not cool enough to turn down the producers to DWTS. By the way, I had never seen the show until I watch a DVD last night.

Comment Re:"consumer products" only (Score 1) 567

What percentage of Tivo customers are upset that they can't hack their Tivo?

I don't care that I cannot hack my Tivo.

I do care that the current system allows Tivo to change my system's features at any time, without my permission

I paid fully for both my system and the lifetime schedule data. I should decided whether I want to accept a change to my hardware or not. Today I do not have that option. It's entirely possible that Tivo will choose to revoke a current feature of my system at some future date. That is unacceptable to me, and I should have the right to over ride any update to the system.

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