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Comment Re:Who watches this crap? (Score 1) 135

First of all: Bullshit....

I have tried to help numerous people who just don't "get it", and have reached the conclusion that they never will.
That doesn't mean that they're incapable of it. It just shows that it's more difficult than they'd like and they don't wish to expend the necessary effort on it-- and they often give up before joining the ranks of us that "get it".
Yes, anyone can learn how to do basic things with programming. But thinking about complex systems it not something that is easy to do for any of us. If you think it is, you've obviously never worked on anything very complex.

Second: I'm not "proud" of my skills as a programmer.
I'm quite competent, with a significant amount of experience, but unless you're working in a research lab somewhere it's mostly regurgitation of the same crap that you've already written ten times and therefor there's nothing to really be all that proud of.
I aspire to something more challenging and am headed in that direction.
But I'm not going to lie to people and tell them that programming is "easy" in the mean time, much as I won't tell them that "math" is easy. These things *are not easy*. They are hard. Both worth the effort to learn.

Comment Re:Who watches this crap? (Score 1) 135

I frequently use StackOverflow. You're not exactly comparing apples to apples.

SO is inherently nonlinear. People can ask problems when they encounter them (or, better, just search for others that have asked the same questions). You'll find people get a much greater benefit from learning something when they want to know the answer rather than when they just happened to stumble upon some bit of knowledge. Problem-solving is not a skill you learn by watching --you learn it by doing-- and it's problem-solving that is the important bit of programming, not coding. Any programmer worth their salt knows that.

In contrast, by watching a stream of some [hopefully knowledgeable] developer, the viewer must be "learning" to solve either inherently simple problems or problems that are impossible to follow in a short period of time. (In the same way that you can't just pick up a new codebase and instantly know what's going on, how is the viewer to follow anything more than the same simple examples they can easily find in text form anywhere on the web?)

Comment Re:Who watches this crap? (Score 2) 135

This type of thinking is exactly the same as the folks pushing the "everyone can/should learn how to program" idiocy.
Programming is not easy. Watching a video of someone coding some random thing will not make it easier. Ease comes with practice and reading a *lot* of code, both good and bad.

Do you honestly think it is possible to show anything but the most facile examples in a video that someone will actually be able to follow?

Comment Actively killing the polls (Score 4, Informative) 144

Okay, I get it. Dice is actively trying to kill the polls.
What is this new feature where I get told who else voted the same as me? Why does that matter without the context of the rest of the results? What a ridiculous waste of developer time.
Every time a new "feature" is added to the site it gets worse, and every time the old guard complains, and every time the complaints are ignored.

Let's take a look at something real quick. In a post from today (, there are currently 19 "highly rated comments" showing with my default filter as of this moment. Of those, one is from an AC, two are from users with UID having 7 digits, and 16 of them are from users with UID having 5 or 6 digits.
Greater than 80% of the comments that people actually care about on that post came from users that have been around a while.

In my ridiculously small sample, that would seem to imply that the old guard contributes the most to the reason that people come to this site.
So the only conclusion I can draw is that Dice actually wants to kill the site.

SoylentNews is getting better every day while this place keeps going downhill. I think the day will soon come when I sign out for good.
But Dice doesn't care. That's the sad thing.

Comment Re:Foolishness (Score 1, Interesting) 96

I thought Google was smarter, though.

They did just censor search results for merchandise branded with a particular logo that has a negative connotation for most enlightened humans, despite the fact that other merchandise branded with similarly offensive logos is still easily found through them.

I'm beginning to lose a lot of faith in Google. I think the business idiots have run the engineers out of there.

Comment Re:Now Taking Bets (Score 2) 54

Maybe you should do some research before plodding around with your opinions.

Musk co-founded Zip2 in '95 and made bank on that in '99.
Co-founded in '99, which after mergers and whatnot made bank for him in '02.
Now he's grown SpaceX to a valuation of $12 billion (and that's not dot-com fake money like Twitter, et al.).
And Tesla is pretty close to breaking even.
(all of this according to Wikipedia)

I'd say that's a much better track record than the vast majority of people on the planet.

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