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Comment: Re:Been using it for a while (Score 1) 197

by endx7 (#30367516) Attached to: Google Upgrades Chrome To Beta For OS X, Linux
I used the PPA for a while, but it tracks HEAD a bit too closely for my liking. The last couple of builds have had some graphical corruption that make going back to a previous version necessary for me. The official unstable version doesn't track HEAD nearly as closely, and contains the google branding (which, I don't really care about). I expect the beta version will be even more stable.

Comment: Re:Warner Music Group claims copyright (Score 1) 423

by endx7 (#29673583) Attached to: Artist Not Allowed To Stream His Own Music

Or obligation.

Actually, they do have obligation, legally, to their users. We all know they can comply to DMCA takedown notices to gain legal protection. However, to gain legal protection from their users , MySpace would be required to put the content back up if a user contests a takedown, and then be able to provide the issuer of the takedown notice with that user's contact information.

Specifically: "OCILLA (the part of the DMCA dealing with takedowns) also includes a counternotification provision that offers OSPs a safe harbor from liability to their users, if the material upon notice from such users claiming that the material in question is not, in fact, infringing."


PC Games (Games)

+ - Ryan Gordon on the future of Games on Linux

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jvm writes: "In a Q&A with LinuxGames, Ryan "icculus" Gordon lays out some brutal Linux gaming truths along with a few good reasons for hope. He rates the importance of certain technologies and companies on a scale of 0 to 10 (OpenGL is a 10, WINE and Transgaming a 2) and then goes on to explain each rating in detail. From which company presents the real threat to Linux adoption to why 2008 is likely to be a big year for Linux gaming, Ryan has the answers."

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