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The Internet

+ - The Goat's Birthday

Submitted by
Ace905 writes "The infamous goat-see web site turns 10 years old today (Tuesday May 22, 2007). While links to the 'notorious shock site' have been the bane of slashdot's existence — it none the less has become an iconic folk-hero of the web in the last 10 years its been online. Its history is long and diverse, with numerous hidden references and tributes in games and G-rated copycats paying tribute to the site the world over. So while we can censor a link to the actual site, let us toast its success in shocking us repeatedly for the past 10 years."
The Internet

+ - Vimeo Gets Harsh Scrutiny

Submitted by
Ace905 writes "A small time blog has recently scrutinized Vimeo's entire structure and future as a video-sharing site. While this wouldn't normally be newsworthy, Vimeo's own Jakob Lodwick responds — admitting that Vimeo has been understaffed and falls short of established sites like YouTube and The article criticizes that Vimeo's best spokespeople are attracted to the site solely due to Vimeo's aggressive promotion of their clips, not because it has anything better to offer the general members."

Comment: Convincing investors to raise taxes (Score 2, Insightful) 149

by ender-iii (#18641983) Attached to: One Step Closer To Spaceport America
Everybody here is arguing about whether or not this is feasible, and how the parent company has so much money they should just be funding this themselves. Obviously there's more to the story than what we're seeing here, it would be interesting to find out what the investment prospectus was -- how were the residents of new mexico convinced to vote, by majority for this tax increase.

Since when do americans vote for a tax increase? That's the real story.

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