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Comment: Re:This is a warning many need to hear (Score 1) 489

by end15 (#43371059) Attached to: Getting a Literature Ph.D. Will Make You Into a Horrible Person

What about people like Roger Ebert who just passed away? He was an art critic, but can hardly be called useless. Art critics can provide a framework for understanding. They can offer new ways to look at things, and that is of value if you want to be flexible in your thinking.

Comment: Self Repair (Score 1) 188

by end15 (#41375697) Attached to: Meet iRobot Founder Rodney Brooks's New Industrial Bot, Baxter

On initial viewing this robot appears to be a solution to bringing manufacturing within the US boarders. That is a positive in the sense that our nation will be less dependent on other nations.

Will these robots be manufactured in the US?
What kind of secondary markets will be created to maintain & program these robots?
Will they repair themselves?
Finally how many manufacturing positions will be replaced by these robots?

One of our current goals is to stabalize our economy, and a big part of that is having people work. Until we come up with another economic model robots that replace human labor will not create social benefit, but instead will strip it.


Comment: Re:every country has those problems (Score 1) 1706

I'm going out on limb here, and I'm going to suggest that this individual was both homocidal and suicidal, and most likely was not concerned if someone in the audience would have had a firearm. Second the assumption that the criminal would have the gun no matter what ignores crimes of opportunity. Responsible gun ownership does not exist in this country because of the NRA. We have stand your ground laws (total b.s.), and in the Fast & Furious case the ATF could not stop the straw buyers because they hadn't done anything illegal. Gun ownership in the U.S. isn't just about defending the home or loved ones, it's about money, and selling as many firearms as possible to whomever will buy.

Comment: Re:every country has those problems (Score 2) 1706

I'm sorry but this a bunch b.s. You're making a huge number of assumptions. This isn't about moral relativism and no, Molotov’s & blades are much more difficult to use than a firearm, and anyone who has shot a firearm knows this. If that wasn't the case people would be going down to the Molotov and machete range a lot more often. People do blame the wackos, but people also recognize that the laws in this country (especially in certain states) make it all to easy for these wackos to get ahold of very deadly weapons. Again the Japanese guy choose targets that had no chance of defense. If he had tried to attack a group of adults his attack would not have been as successful. So again I call your whole post willfully ignorant b.s., and I can't figure how people would mod you insightful, karma be damned.

Comment: Yeah not an age issue... (Score 1) 515

by end15 (#40570197) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Old Dogs vs. New Technology?

I work in a very mixed IT environment. We have young & old of both genders. At current our top desktop support person (who would have handled the issue you just mentioned) must be in his mid 40's. He's awesome, and does very fast, detailed research. As well we have younger members who always want the answers handed to them and wont approach an issue unless the boss hands them a "how to". I think there is a level of burnout that occurs (I get sick of looking at a computer screen all day myself), but usually if it's an interesting problem the neurons go to work.

That said I would like to have some Augmented Reality at an affordable price point so I can get away from sitting and staring at a screen.

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